Extreme Raw Power Centrifuge – Filter WVO SVO WMO – 120/230V – eBay

"I've been using this CF with the pre-heater for about 8 months at the time of this review. I've cleaned over 1000 gallons of oil during that time, much of it during the winter. The pre-heater makes the CF hassle-free and the fit and finish of the unit is top-notch. I haven't had a single problem and the company's afte…

Democratic Underground – October 23, 2006 – Archives

EXCLUSIVE-Iran expands nuclear centrifuge programme-diplomats. Venezuelan detained near US embassy. Says has set no deadlines for Iraq–"milestones" to gauge progress. Man killed by beer keg explosion. French police face 'permanent intifada.

Diy setup for running WVO in 87 F350 w/6.9 – Diesel Forum – TheDieselStop.com

Most WVO guys convert to WMO cause it is easier all around. I never tried WVO but Have been burning WMO 1000s of miles. I thought about doing WMO, but I had concerns about the environmental impact.

eBay – Bio diesel WVO Oil Centrifuge HUDGINS SPINNER ii 60SE filter WVO or put on truck – eBay

One million miles (contact us for details) originally from factory / NOT APPLICABLE TO OUR LISTING AND SALE but just to show how durable this item is.

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