Roller screens for coal

Roller screens for coal

Compact, non-vibrating roller grizzlies and screens for non-abrasive materials such as coal and limestone, excellent tolerance of wet and sticky materials.


The roller grizzly has been designed for scalping and screening duties of low abrasive materials with an abrasion index (Ai) below 0.03, such as limestone and coal. The roller grizzly is compact and its ability to handle high capacities and moist material has been proven in many applications.

It is available for both primary and secondary duties, depending on the maximum feed size.

In order to achieve the best possible screening results it is important to spread the feed along the entire width of the screen. The drop height of the material should be as low as possible.


Roller screens have been primarily designed for coal, lignite and limestone screening. These screens are superior to vibrating equipment and minimize blinding when the material is sticky and exhibits high moisture content. No vibration is transferred to the support structure and the compact size and high capacity range make these screens highly competitive.

The roller screen with casted discs and spacers has been built for ROM (run of mine) coal screening. The roller screen with steel tube rollers is best used for secondary applications, for instance when screening washed coal. The roller screen with elliptical rollers is suited for 4-20 mm screening, such as screening in one dimension only.


The roller screen crusher has been especially designed to remove impurities of washed coal as well as to crush down existing coal lumps to acceptable sizes in coal-fired power plants.

The roller screen crusher comes complete with dust encapsulation, pre-screen, two crusher drums and after-screen. A pre-crusher might be necessary to put on top of the prescreen if many lumps are present, for instance with frozen coal. The crusher drums have a releasing mechanism to enable wood pieces, stones and other impurities to be rejected. The sensitivity of the release mechanism is adjustable.

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