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Mining recipes – Your guide to the World of Warcraft – WoWWiki

Mining recipes, otherwise known as smelting recipes, allow miners to convert ore into much more useful bars. Inv ore copper. Mining recipes, otherwise known as smelting recipes, allow miners to convert ore into much more. Smelt Copper 1 25 47 70 Trainer. This is a list of all Ore by area.

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It's more annoying to find a copper node and not get a skill up than to be making yourself a cup of tea while you smelt 60 ore and miss a few skill-ups. Be warned, though: Blacksmiths and Engineers generally want you to smelt the ore into bars, and Jewelcrafters strictly want the ore to prospect.

Copper – WoW Insider

When making gold from Mining, is it better to Prospect the Ore. Do you think Blizzard will ever get rid of the requirement of being in a raid group in order to enter a raid instance. It would be nice to solo old content without having to ask someone to group with you just to get in the door.

Mining – Grand Fantasia Wiki

Level 51 Mountain Exploration Platinum Ore 11 Green Emerald Iron Stone Association Order 112 Dragonscale Ore 22 50. Certain Mining class materials, such as Dragonscale Ore, can only be obtained by building Reputation points with the Iron Stone Association. Level 3 Fissure Exploration Bronze Ore 7 None None 20.

Disrupt dredge mining operations for Order of Whispers – Guild Wars 2 Wiki Guide – IGN

Wipe out dredge and creatures they disturb, destroy their unrefined ore, and fill in boreholes.

Mining Guide – Ten Ton Hammer

It's a skill you get as soon as you become a Miner that allows you to take various ores (like Copper Ore and Tin Ore) and turn them into bars (like Copper Bars and Tin Bars).

Mining System – RPG RPG Revolution

You could also make a probability that you get more than one ore or a big ore clump that could be used more than one time. Would you like to mine (Insert name of ore here). You pick at the rock and get (Insert name of ore). You pick at the rock and get a Clump of (Insert name of ore).

Revive & Rejuvenate – Revive & Rejuvenate – Leveling Mining in Cataclysm – Where are the shinies

Smelting Tin goes grey at 75 so you won't get more levels from smelting Tin, but Bronze isn't gray until 115, so you could mine more Copper and Tin and make Bronze out of it. I have now updated my Mining charts, showing the post-Shattering zones where ores can now be mined.

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