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Statin Dose Rises, Adherence Falls. How to read a forest plot. Diagnostic Accuracy of an "Amended" Insulin–Glucose. Estimating Overdiagnosis in Low-Dose Computed Tomography. How to differentiate VT from SVT with Aberrancy on ECG.

BioMedCentral – BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine – Full text – In vitro and in vivo safety evaluation …

Alata extract (see Plant material and extraction), an aqueous extract was freshly prepared in distillated/deionizated water before oral administration. In vitro and in vivo safety evaluation of Dipteryx alata Vogel extract.

Items where Year is 2012 – NERC Open Research Archive

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PLOS Pathogens – Lethal Influenza Virus Infection in Macaques Is Associated with Early Dysregulation of Inflammatory …

The macaques ( Macaca fascicularis ) used in this study were inoculated by intratracheal (4 ml), intranasal (0.5 ml/nostril), intraocular (0.5 ml/eye) and oral (1 ml) routes with a suspension containing 106 plaque-forming units (PFU) per ml for a total infectious dose by all routes of 7×106 PFU. – Beer with pipe tobacco – Page 2 – Home Brew Forums

The LD50 of nicotine is 50 mg/kg for rats and 3 mg/kg for mice 40–60 mg can be a lethal dosage for adult human beings. It is more toxic than many other alkaloids such as cocaine, which has a lethal dose of 1000 mg.

BioMedSearch – Cell proliferation, tumorogenicity, and apoptosis sub-cluster 20

Fanconi D2 (FANCD2) is monoubiquitinated on K561 (FANCD2-Ub) in response to DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) to stimulate repair of these potentially lethal DNA lesions FANCD2-Ub was upregulated in CD34+ chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) cells and in BCR-ABL1 kinase-positive cell lines in response to elevated levels of rea…


With the prion diseases, we don't know much about a dose effect — beyond a minimum infectious dose, does a big dose of prions lead to a higher probability of infection or a faster progression to clinical disease. Earlier, a solvent extraction step had been used to extract fats (tallow).

Hepatocyte-specific inhibition of NF-κB leads to apoptosis after TNF treatment, but not after partial hepatectomy – JCI

The lethal hepatocyte apoptosis observed in p65 knockout mice can be rescued by crossing these mice into a TNF or TNFR1-null background.

McKendree University – Determination of Cyanide Content

The Pyridine separates the cyanide from the chlorine by binding to it while water extracts the cyanide and nitrogen from the pyridine. This equation was then used to calculate the cyanide concentration in each beer sample.

National Library of Australia – Australian Backyard Naturalist – Chapter 1 – Mammals

This needs to take into account the amount of venom produced and the LD-50 value, the (lethal) dosage that will kill 50 per cent of average humans who are subjected to it.

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