Wired.com – Tech Billionaires Plan Audacious Mission to Mine Asteroids – Wired Science – Wired.com

There's gold in them there hills. Asteroids contain many tons of precious metals, making them irresistible to scientists, aerospace engineers, futurists, fiction writers … and tech billionaires.

National Parks – Frequently Asked Questions – Rock Creek Park

Can I pan for gold in Rock Creek Park. No, no one may take anything out of the park, unless he or she is a professor or a professional (USGS, Smithsonian, etc.) with a permit (for plants or rocks) and he or she is using the specimen for an educational purpose. How much does it cost.

PBS – Hunting the Elements – NOVA

How much gold is in 400 tons of dirt. Her job is to figure out how much gold is in them there rocks. An ounce of gold for every ton of rock. Four hundred tons and one ounce of gold for each ton. All right, and how much gold, like, how many gold bars will this array make.

BLM National – Red Hills ACEC, Mother Lode Field Office, Bureau of Land Management California

In the 1850s, during the great California Gold Rush, Chinese laborers, with their legendary patience and thoroughness, mined much of the placer gold within Six Bit Gulch, a major drainage channel that courses through the natural area.

TODAY.com – Gold – Haiti eyes potential $20 billion boom – TODAY News – TODAY.com

Already, the hundreds of jobs, the new roads and the community investment in a country where two out of three people have no formal employment is much appreciated. In a parking lot outside Anglade's marble-floored office, more than 100 families have been living in tents since the earthquake.

LA Times – 'Levitated Mass' is LACMA's rocky new star – latimes.com

The pair, both rock climbers, saw the tented rock before it left the Riverside quarry. The mayor said the rock, lifted from a desert, reminds us that "we actually do live in a semi-arid place" and "that we have to conserve our water, we have to protect our climate.".

Finding Gold in a Rock – What’s it Worth?

My cousin found a few rocks about half the size of your fist. He had them assayed and … Yes, from 2 to 11 oz of gold per ton. I’d say that was very good pay. … If …

Gold's Wild Ride Leaves Explorers Ready to Grow – Tom MacNeill – DNI, DG7, G, GG, …

Gold's Wild Ride Leaves Explorers Ready to Grow: Tom MacNeill. There should be a lot of activity in early-stage copper exploration over the next 12 months, but we won't have much interest in competing for those investments because we are already developing assets that we acquired one to three years ago.

Yale Environment 360 – Alaska's Pebble Mine – Fish Versus Gold by Bill Sherwonit – Yale Environment 360

In a pro-development state where the economy is largely sustained by resource extraction, you might have expected residents to embrace such a golden prospect.

Talk me into getting a compact Rock – 1911Forum

Talk me into getting a compact Rock … asking, “what you got and how much” You’ll get a ton … the sale and save your lunch money for a month or so The Little Woman is much …

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