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Can't do much about it. Tastes like chicken. (Headline T-Shirts are still available for archive links.). Source Fark Headline Comments. (Crooks & Liars) Crooks & Liars.

Uluslararasý Stratejik Araþtýrmalar Kurumu

Although the 2012 Life Trends and Attitudes Research analyses by Ipsos KMG states the obvious case to some, these analyses contain important facts to identify characteristics of society and further the understanding of social tendencies in Turkey.

November 2005 Archives – MetaFilter

Even though the USPO has re-opened the NTP patents and has subsequently rejected most of the patents used in the patent infringement case, RIM was seeking to uphold the earlier settlement in order to avert the possibility of all sales and services from being halted in the United States.

Senate preps for WRDA work – Mica to talk with Boehner about future – TSA signs …

Lawmaker asks to be paid in gold. While things won't change much in the House, Senate and White House next year, one thing MT is keeping an eye on is the possible return of limited earmarks — something that might alter WRDA's path.

The Strip – Las Vegas Podcast

Times has video of the Google driverless cars idea and Consumerist has the Nevada angle Yelp's assessment of Serendipity3 VegasInc on Venetian-Palazzo profit drop caused, perhaps, by LVS pulling most of its comps Also, Wynn defends Adelson Steve's column for the Weekly about how the recession could help the city NPR's …

Blockbuster – Michael Murphy Movies

Adapted by Polley from a short story by Alice Munro, this small-scaled two-character drama concerns Grant (Gordon Pinsent) and Fiona (Christie), a long-married couple, well into their golden years, who are much in love and connected to one another on every level.

Letterman's Top Ten – 1987

That mean "American Idol" judge stops by just to tell you how much you suck 7. Rarely get asked to invade fun places, like Tampa (Specialist Mariecha Rowe) 6. Paralyzing stage fright 6. Instead of "Hit me with the digits," Arsenio shouts, "Hit him with a bottle" 5.

TripAdvisor – Get inspired by your friends and share your travel plans. Learn more – The Hotel Leger …

Hammond, Indiana, United States. Until now while we'd toured gold country, can't say we ever heard of Mokelumne Hill. The hotel drips with gold rush history, just imagine what the walls could tell. Upon arriving, we had learned the hotel had just finished shooting for an upcoming episode of Hotel Impossible.

Digital Repository Software – EPrints

At the institutional level, during a transitional period when subscriptions are maintained, the cost of unilaterally adopting Green OA is much lower than the cost of Gold OA – with Green OA self-archiving costing average institutions sampled around one-fifth the amount that Gold OA might cost, and as little as one-tent…

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