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For example, thallium is used in semiconductor material for selenium rectifiers, in gamma radiation detection equipment, in infrared radiation detection and transmission equipment, in crystalline filters for light diffraction for acousto-optical measuring devices, in a mercury-thallium alloy for low-temperature measure…

Physics – Mystery of Isotope Separation in Lava is Solved

Walker, "The effects of liquid immiscibility and thermal diffusion on oxygen isotopes in silicate liquids," Contrib. They used a wider range of elements than had been used before—including elements as heavy as hafnium and uranium—in order to improve their ability to compare theory with experiment.

The specified URL cannot be found – Fundamental and Computational Sciences, Chemical & Materials Sciences Division – 2011 publications – PNNL

Clays and Clay Minerals 60, 136-52. "Real-Time Shape-Based Particle Separation and Detailed in Situ Particle Shape Characterization". "Molecular Mechanism of Gas Adsorption into Ionic Liquids. A Molecular Dynamics Study".

DOE – Sixth Annual Conference on Carbon Capture & Sequestration – Agenda

A Symbiosis of Power Plant Design and Separation Science. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Capture and Separation. The Membrane Solution To Global Warming. Membrane Technology and Research, Inc.

The University of Maine – School of Earth and Climate Sciences – Mineral Separation Facilities

The Department houses the equipment necessary for separating and concentrating minerals, including a jaw crusher, disc mill, table, Frantz magnetic separator, and heavy liquids. The Facility is most commonly used in support of exposure dating of quartz and U-Pb dating of zircon and monazite.

BNL – Physics Dept. Seminars and Colloquia

Friday, May 25, 2012 Nuclear Physics & RIKEN Theory Seminar "Aspects of the non-equilibrium dynamics of relativistic heavy ion collisions" Soeren Schlichting, University of Heidelberg.

Periodic Table of the Elements – Periodic Table of Elements – Los Alamos National Laboratory

Tantalum occurs principally in the mineral columbite-tantalite. Separation of tantalum from niobium requires several complicated steps. Tantalum is a gray, heavy, and very hard metal. Tantalum is completely immune to body liquids and is a nonirritating material.

Argonne National Laboratory for a brighter future – PDF – Overview of advanced gas separation membrane technology for gasification systems

PDF Utilization of static mixer on the injection of liquid CO2 into water for the ocean disposal. PDF Effect of oxidation resistant hydrogen donors from aromatic liquids towards reduced autoxidative and pyrolytic depositions in thermally stressed jet fuel.

The Chemical Education Digital Library – Textbook-Integrated Guide to Educational Resources

The goal is to have students understand equilibration as it relates to separation, which can lead into a discussion of more complex topics. A Vapor–Liquid Equilibria of Binary Systems Computer Simulation by LabVIEW A.

Neutron Imaging for Health, Environment, and the Hydrogen Economy

A neutron detector is being developed for submicrometer radiography that gives insight to the complex interface of inorganic/biological interactions – enhancing the understanding of biological surface interaction and mineral transport.

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