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Sulfuric acid and SO3 combine to give oleum, a solution of pyrosulfuric acid (H2S2O7) in sulfuric acid. And the sulfates, such as gypsum (calcium sulfate), alunite (potassium aluminium sulfate), and barite (barium sulfate).

Carbon Dioxide – Molecule of the Month 2012 – VRML version – Reactions

Carbon dioxide reacts with water in a reversible reaction to form carbonic acid (H2CO3). Lime, the fruit, tastes sour because it contains acids, whereas limewater (calcium hydroxide) is most definitely an alkali as it contains hydroxide (OH-) ions.

PatentStorm – Municipal solid waste processing facility and commercial lactic acid production process – US Patent 5506123 Description

The acids are neutralized with a base such as calcium carbonate or hydroxide to give a solution which is suitable for fermentation to give ethanol.

Sulfate attack in concrete

The necessary additional calcium is provided by the calcium hydroxide and calcium silicate hydrate in the cement paste. This is because magnesium also takes part in the reactions, replacing calcium in the solid phases with the formation of brucite (magnesium hydroxide) and magnesium silicate hydrates.

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The results depend on heat. At white heat, 1800o F, the sheetlike structure collapses and a hard, less porous "stoneware" is produced. Used, along with salt and gypsum, in embalming, cleansing, and preservation. Hydrous calcium sulfate. Heated, could be used as a plaster, and was in Paris: thus plaster of Paris.

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Anhydrous calcium chloride, prepared by heating the hydrate to 200° (preferably in a current of hydrochloric acid gas, which prevents the formation of any oxychloride), is very hygroscopic, and is used as a desiccating agent.

Fluoride Action Network – Fluorine recovery in the fertilizer industry – a review

A chemical engineer in the phosphate industry, who members of FAN spoke with in the summer of 2001, confirmed that this problem still exists, as the industry hasn't yet been able to separate out, in a commercially viable way, the silica from the fluoride.) Fluorine recovery During the production of phosphoric acid from…

Water Purification Handbook Chapter 31 Open Recirculating Cooling Systems

In the absence treatment there is a wide range in the relative solubility of calcium carbonate and gypsum, the form of calcium sulfate normally found in cooling systems. Some sensible heat loss (direct cooling of the water by the air) also occurs, but it is only a minor portion of the total heat rejection.

Grades of Pulp and Paper

A type of paper, which does not contain any acidic substance that may affect acid sensitive material. Acid free paper is anti rust and is used for metal wrapping. A paper that is not affected by acid physically or chemically. This paper is used with substance containing acid.

Internet FAQ Archives – 06th week of 2010 patent applcation highlights part 34

The process basically comprises the following steps: a) adding sulphuric acid to a different acid leach suspension of the starting impure material for converting all dissolved lead compounds to insoluble lead sulphate.

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