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Depending on the application, rock bolts or explosives are inserted into the holes. Components serve as rotating device, mounting bracket, and bearing support in hard rock drilling machine.

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In 2002, the New Mexico Climbers Resource Advocacy Group (NM CRAG) re-bolted most of Cochiti Mesa, replacing the old 3/8-inch expansion bolts with honker 1/2-by-6-inch glue-in bolts. The 17-bolt Grape Ape (5.10c) and the 15-bolt Post Nine Moderate (5.9) are two great warm-ups.

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This event provided northern sympathetic miners to indulge in the art of "one-upmanship," by naming a whole mining district, mountain pass, a peak and a town, "Kearsarge". There are many bolted routes that need only a set of quickdraws.

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He seems to have had a better approval rating in the other Holds, but his reign was so long ago that it is hard to say for certain whether it was good or merely not bad enough to inspire annual effigy-burnings.

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As Kirk ponders the mystery of the enormous base, he begins to suspect that there is much more to Vanguard than meets the eye. With a casual sweep of his hand, Cervantes Quinn pulled a long twist of his tangled, bone-white hair from his eyes and tucked it behind his ear.

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Regardless of choice, counterweights are bolted directly to the main frame using four M36 bolts for rigidity. Operator Height from Ground (eye level) – General Forestry Cab 0.48 m (18 in) Riser. Operator Height from Ground (eye level) – Log Loader Cab 1.2 m (48 in) Riser.

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Not just another train ride for the kids, the D & S Narrow Gauge is a journey for the ages, a step back in time seeped in American Western lore that conjures up the hard life that was the lot of hard-rock miners, and bowlegged cowboys on cattle ranches who inspired the likes of novelist Louis L'Amour to create imaginar…

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The message seems to have been heard: the signs are that Brussels will turn a blind eye to festive law-breaking on a massive scale. "And we have a lot of snow in a Romanian winter." Guns firing captive bolts are now the favoured area for research.

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Kiss was never merely about four guys playing rock 'n' roll. Barnum hokum, and head-banging rock 'n' roll hedonism. The modestly gifted hard rock group had already accomplished more than anyone had ever dreamed possible.

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Back in the day, when "monster movies" were the hot thing among my junior high school crowd, everyone knew that no monster worth his fangs or bolts could ever be dispatched forever in a single film.

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