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It is not fully understood how these hard spheres were made, though the most likely method probably consisted of a combination of small fractures and grinding. A small number were made of coquina, a very hard material formed by the fusion of shells and sand that is found on beaches.

Pre-Columbian Stone Spheres Still a Mystery

But the spheres were not the only such stonework — hundreds of mecates — grinding stones for corn and cereals — have been discovered in the country, mostly provided with three legs.

Researchers investigate mysterious stone spheres in Costa Rica

"We think the main technique that was used was pecking and grinding and hammering with stones," said Hoopes. "The earliest reports of the stones come from the late 19th century, but they weren't really reported scientifically until the 1930s — so they're a relatively recent discovery," Hoopes said.

World Mysteries – Strange Artifacts, The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

The stones may have come from the bed of the Térraba River, to where they were transported by natural processes from sources of parent material in the Talamanca mountains. The balls were most likely made by reducing round boulders to a spherical shape through a combination of controlled fracture, pecking, and grinding.

Cabinet Magazine – A Minor History Of – CABINET – Giant Spheres

A Cabinet reader has sent in footage of an apparently self-propelled stone ball she encountrered while in Costa Rican. The hollow sphere, ten feet in diameter, is turned by water power.

Zyvex – Small World

And since humans first made stone tools and flint knives, we have been manipulating atoms in great thundering statistical herds by casting, milling, grinding, and chipping materials.

Rolling Stone Magazine – Album Reviews – Transformer – Rolling Stone

"New York Telephone Conversation" is a cutesy poke at New York pop-sphere gossip and small talk, as if anyone possibly gave two shits about it in the first place.

Carved Stone Balls – Wikipedia

A theory on the movement of 'monument stones' has been put forward as a result of an observed correlation between standing stone circles in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and a concentration of carved stone balls, and it is suggested that these petrospheres may have been used to help transport the big stones by functioning li…

Docstoc – Fine Hollow Glass Sphere And Method For Preparing The Same

A wet grinder to be used is preferably a medium-stirring mill represented by a ball mill or a beads mill in view of its fine-grinding performances, but another wet grinder may also be used. Fine Hollow Glass Sphere And Method For Preparing The Same.

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