Items where Year is 2009 – NERC Open Research Archive

Supit, Iwan 2009 SCENES: water SCenarios for Europe and NEighbouring States. Proceedings of Coastal Dynamics 2009: impacts of human activities on dynamic coastal processes, Tokyo. Report D4.3 Methodology of indicator development and initial validation of core set of indicators. 2009 Catchment management case study.

Items where Year is 2010 – [email protected]

Vivek Ravi, Anand and John, Vinod (2010) Ultracapacitor Based Ride Through System for Control Power Supplies in High Power Converters. 2010 Joint International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems (PEDES) & 2010 Power India, 20-23 Dec 2010, New Delhi.

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Hazard curves, uniform hazard response spectra, and design parameters are available for sites in the 50 states of the United States, Puerto Rico and the US Our Company Islands. A GIS point dataset of earthquake locations containing strike, dip, and rake values for a nodal plane of each earthquake.

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What we have now are supercomputers processing probability algorithms designed by rocket scientists processing at millions of iterations per second.

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Apastron The point of greatest separation between two stars which are in orbit around each other. Balmer) Emission or absorption lines in the spectrum of hydrogen that arise from transitions between the second (or first excited) state and higher energy states of the hydrogen atom.

Items where year is 2012 – Strathprints

Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE Power and Energy Conference Power at Illinois (PECI) IEEE, pp. Abokhatwa, Salah and Katebi, Reza (2012) Modeling and supervisory control design for a combined cycle power plant. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems ISSN 0885-8950 (In Press).

Kent Academic Repository – Items where division is Faculties – Social Sciences – School of Psychology – Kent Academic Repository

Psychology Press Ltd, United Kigndom, pp. Psychology Press Ltd, United Kingdom, 376 pp ISBN 9781841690735. Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Preconference on Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 7th February 2008, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Social Identity Processes in Organizational Contexts.

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2004 Information Resources Management Association (IRMA) International Conference, 23-26 May 2004, New Orleans, LA, United States. British Educational Research Association Annual Conference 2004, 16-18 Sept 2004, Manchester, United Kingdom.

Items where Year is 2005 – [email protected]

(2005) A sun in the spectroscopic binary IM Pegasi, the guide star for the Gravity Probe B Mission. Ian, and Leong, Yee-Kwong (2005) Applying Tikhonov regularization to process pendant droplet tensiometry data. The Astrophysical Journal, 634 (2) L173-L176. And Wolanski, E.

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