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Finally, it may also be granular or quite compact. Veins of gypsum in the silts/marls of the Tea Green and Grey Marls, Blue Anchor, Somerset, UK. Veins of gypsum in the Chugwater Group, Wyoming. It can be used interchangeably with natural gypsum in some applications.

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Finally it may also be granular or quite compact. In hand-sized samples, it can be anywhere from transparent to opaque. A very fine-grained white or lightly-tinted variety of gypsum is called alabaster, which is prized for ornamental work of various sorts.

British Gypsum, part of the Saint Gobain Group, is the UK's leading manufacturer of plasterboard, dry …

The heavy duty, high power vacuums are designed specifically for collecting large quantities of powders or granular material. The units feature a 1000 litre bottom unload container which is easy to pullout and discharge.

University of Kentucky – Sulfates are elements combined with both sulfur and oxygen, such as gypsum, barite, and anglesite – …

They are fragile, fibrous, granular or powdery, clear to white masses (except for copiapite). These minerals occur in coal beds, coal mines, and the black shale. Most of these minerals are difficult for the experienced collector to distinguish, and some may require analysis for correct identification.

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An empty home in Empire, Nevada, a town of 300 that no longer exists after the gypsum plant that sustained it closed down in June 2011.

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Alabaster is a rock, which consists of fine-grained granular aggregate of gypsum, while the mineral gypsum is a hydrated calcium sulphate (CaSO4. Gypsum vessels are therefore often specially made only for funerary use. It can also be burnt to produce gypsum plaster, for which a heating of 100º – 200º C were required.

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Ejecta fragmentation in impacts into gypsum and water ice. Penetrometry of granular and moist planetary surface materials: Application to the Huygens landing site on Titan. Wright, Ian P and Zarnecki, John C (2011). On the application of magnetic methods for the characterisation of space weathering products.

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Limit equilibrium design methods for free embedded cantilever walls in granular materials. Institution of Civil Engineers Proceedings, 90, (1), 209-229. (1991) A comparison of the backpropagation and recursive prediction error algorithms for training neural networks.

Patent US7754246 – Composite bone graft substitute cement and articles produced therefrom – Google Patents

US2616789 19 Mar 1951 4 Nov 1952 METHOD OF PRODUCING GYPSUM PLASTER. US3573947 19 Aug 1968 6 Apr 1971 ACCELERATOR FOR GYPSUM PLASTER. US3813312 5 Oct 1970 28 May 1974 PROCESS FOR MAKING GYPSUM BOARD. US5147403 15 Mar 1989 15 Sep 1992 United States Gypsum Company Prosthesis implantation method.

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Their lithification into strong but soluble rocks is the result of later diagenesis, ie gypsum-anhydrite-gypsum or anydrite-gypsum. They are flat and very saline areas of sand or silt lying just above the water-table and often containing soft nodules and enterolithic veins of gypsum or anhydrite.

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