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Right after Stay Gold dropped you Emericans can get ready for new footage from Emerica pros/bros Ed Templeton and Leo Romero in the new Toy Machine video Brain Wash. Emerica rolls with Plant (489ms, 39 queries).

The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

Clever Maisy is about to bake a cake, but first, she must wash her hands. She not opens the refrigerator, she weighs and measures ingredients on a scale that moves. When she opens the oven after half an hour you see the cake rise. And for the grand finale, her pal, Charley opens his mouth and eats a piece. – Seventh Generation Wee Generation Foaming Baby Shampoo & Wash – 10 oz

Aqua (water), decyl glucoside (plant-derived cleaning agent), sodium coco sulfate (plant-derived cleaning agent), glycerin (plant-derived processing aid), olive leaf extract (plant-derived antioxidant), aloe barbadensis leaf extract (plant-derived skin conditioner), magnesium chloride (mineral thickener), citric acid (…

Animal-World – Blue and Gold Macaw, Ara ararauna Blue and Yellow Macaw Bird Guide

Aquarium Plants of the World Plant guides for ferns and mosses, stem plants, rosette plants, and a couple of plants for your pond. Weekly you should wash all the perches and dirty toys, and the floor should be washed about every other week.

Washington Post – Toys for Tots trove recovered in Maine – Crime Scene – To Serve and Inform. – The Washington Post

An Arizona-based rare-coins broker is headed to prison for three to nine years for talking a New York City octogenarian into investing her life savings in gold and silver coins, then stealing them from the woman's home to resell them.

Alex Toys – Bath – Play

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award. NICK JR Magazine's Great Toys that Kids Actually Need. It's a car wash, in your tub. Car wash suction c. Line up the three included cars and wash 'em down.

Made from the Best Stuff on Earth – Snapple offers expanded company and employee contact details for over 50,000 companies in the entertainment industry as well as representation listings for over 120,000 individuals, including actors, directors, and producers. More information for this company is available on IMDbPro.

User:Visviva/GSL coverage – Wiktionary

Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. GSL headword Rank WT defs, 9/7/09 RHU defs Shortfall. Nursery 2039 7 6 -1. Loyalty 1808 5 3 -2. Bicycle 2181 4 3 -1.

Zinacantán Tzotzil Vocabulary – WOLD

Zinacantán Tzotzil Vocabulary. The vocabulary contains 1413 meaning-word pairs from the recipient language Zinacantán Tzotzil. The corresponding text chapter was published in the book Loanwords in the World's Languages. The language page Zinacantán Tzotzil contains a list of all loanwords arranged by donor languoid.

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