Oregon issues new permit for suction-dredge gold miners – suction dredge –

Idaho miner backs away from plans to dredge Salmon River. Items with tag "suction dredge". Suction dredge All items tagged with "suction dredge" RSS. Most recent items are shown first.

Redding Record Searchlight – State rejects tribe's bid to halt suction dredging – Redding Record Searchlight

The agency plans to hire a consultant to conduct an environmental review of the rules guiding suction dredging, according to DFG's letter to the tribe. State rejects tribe's bid to halt suction dredging.

Bill Banning Suction Dredge Mining Breezes Through State Senate – Indybay

The California Senate today approved a bill banning suction dredge gold mining on certain California rivers by a vote of 31 to 8.

Suction Dredging for Gold – gold dredging

Within days after the temporary moratorium on suction dredging in California went into effect, we were already in planning to launch a week-long group dredging sampling program onto the Rogue River in Southern Oregon.

Oregon Business – The Chetco River is the site of a battle over gold dredging operations. – PHOTO COURTESY …

In question is whether suction dredging poses a threat to river wildlife and if the long-standing individual right to mine in the state should be amended. Suction dredging is a mining technique by which riverbed gravel is removed by a gas-powered machine, sifted for bits of gold, and released back into the river.

Build Your Own Gold Prospecting Equipment With These DIY Plans – Operation Gold — Gold Panning …

After all, there's a reason why the state is called "The Golden State". Use this homemade hand dredge to quickly and easily suck up material from holes or cracks and easily transfer it to your recovery equipment.

Ninth Circuit corrects itself on gold mining and the ESA – Legal Planet – Environmental Law and Policy

This opinion brings a welcome reversal of a panel opinion from last April which had ruled in a split decision that the Forest Service did not have to consult with the wildlife agencies before authorizing suction dredging on the Klamath River.

Seeking Alpha – Avoid Copper – Buy These 4 Gold Stocks Instead – Seeking Alpha

It is also obvious that traders don't think that the new stimulus plan from the Chinese government will help the situation much. Copper's Loss is Gold's Gain.

NWPR – Mining Gold In The Northwest Causes Conflict – Northwest Public Radio

"There has been actual studies with biologists in the rivers studying the fish. And not only did they find that it wasn't harmful provided you don't dredge up salmon redds eggs. That was the only impact they ever found. So they don't allow us to dredge when the fish are spawning.". A floating suction dredge.

The underwater gold rush — High Country News

And look, another paradox: the CA EIR in Chapter Water & Toxicology states "Effects of Mercury Re-suspension and discharge from suction dredging is significant and unavoidable- wow, that sounds serious. Let's look at the "proof". well, it doesn't exactly show any proof. The authors of the EIR provided no direct dre…

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