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Conga has an estimated capital cost of $ 4.0 billion to $4.8 billion. Conga, Las Bambas (Xstrata), Toquepala, Cuajone, Ilo Refinery. Chinalco Kingsmill Tunnel Water Treatment Plant, Yauli River: Video and News. Chinalco Kingsmill Tunnel Water Treatment Plant.

National Geographic News – With Gas Prices High, U.S. Refinery Closures Hit Workers and Drivers

The price difference gives a huge advantage to refineries in the US Midwest and the Gulf Coast that can buy WTI crude, over the refineries on East and West coasts that have to buy oil at the global Brent price.

FP Comment – Financial Post

If true, killing the Oakville plant would almost certainly become the lowest breach of contract settlement as a ratio of total cost in the history of contract disputes. Publisher David Black ups ante for refinery to process Northern Gateway oil. Oakville contract breach may cost ­hundreds of millions. – Commodities News – Gold, Silver and Oil Prices – Business News – Fox Business

LIMA, Peru–The creditors of Doe Run Peru have appointed investment bank UBS to carry out a public auction of the company's assets, according to Right Business SA, the company administering Doe Run Peru.

Friends of the Earth – Economics for the Earth Blog

"The poisoning of La Oroya, Peru… Smoke stacks from a factory called the Doe Run Peru smelter stand high on the horizon. Rocks and minerals are brought here and processed into metals like lead, copper, and zinc I'll tell you, you can taste the stuff in the back of your throat. It burns your eyes a little. It's sulfur d…

CorpWatch – Environment

Leaching Out the Water with the Gold by Milagros Salazar, Inter Press Service (IPS) September 20th, 2006 The conflict that brought operations at Yanacocha, Latin America's largest gold mine, to a halt just a month after President Alan García took office in Peru was merely the latest illustration of the tensions between…

La Oroya – Wikipedia

As a result, La Oroya produces gold and silver (mainly from refinery residues), antimony, arsenic trioxide, bismuth, cadmium, indium, selenium, tellurium, sulfuric acid and oleum. However, the integrated nature of the plant has hindered the modification of individual parts of the plant.

Peru – Barrick gold mine protest leaves one person dead – World Energy News – International Energy News – GlobalPost

10,000 protest rare earth plant over health concerns. Singh calls for $1 trillion in infrastructure investments "at any cost". EU says almost all its nuclear plants need repair. France nuclear plant accident injures two. Venezuela refinery blast kills at least 39 (VIDEO). – Autlan, OGX, Petrobras, Walmex – Latin America Equity Preview – Bloomberg

Norte Energia is responsible for the construction and future operation of a hydroelectric plant, according to the statement.

State of Illinois – Illinois Government News Network (IGNN) – News Releases Listing –

The funds will help local communities plant new trees in urban neighborhoods, on school grounds and on public property.

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