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Volk, Martin, Hirschfeld, Jesko, Schmidt, Gerd, Bohn, Carsten, Dehnhardt, Alexandra, Liersch, Stefan, and Lymburner, Leo (2007) A SDSS-based ecological-economic modelling approach for integrated river basin management on different scale levels. The project FLUMAGIS.

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Ananthakrishnan, G and Ranjani, HG and Ramakrishnan, AG (2006) Language independent automated segmentation of speech using Bach scale filter-banks. Arvind, KR and Ramakrishnan, AG and Pati, PB (2006) Horizontal Projection profiles for extraction of text paragraphs from document images.

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GetApp the #1 Cloud Business Apps Marketplace has released a complete More. CBS's "Fresh Grocer" joins Vanessa Thanos, That Auction , to More. CBS's "Fresh Grocer" joins Vanessa Thanos, That Auction , to raise money More. Chatwing chatbox is now available for social marketers with More.

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(2002) Waveguide surface plasmon resonance studies of surface reactions on gold electrodes. Nakazato, K and Mizuta, H (2002) A new approach to failure analysis and yield enhancement of very large-scale integrated systems. (2002) Evolving bidding strategies for multiple auctions.

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The Newest Edition of Psychiatry s Bible, the DSM-5, Is Complete. Small world with big connections. Successful Salespeople Have Moderate Temperaments. Pompeii "Wall Posts" Reveal Ancient Social Networks. Partners Can Smell Each Other's Emotions.

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Bill Pay EDJE Directories. We do not rent, trade or sell any email addresses. Bannerimages/ Professional Print Design. – Artists Respond to a Changing Planet at Berkeley Art Museum – Human/Nature

The region is the last remaining stronghold for many rare and endangered plants and animals, such as the Giant Panda, the Red Panda, and the Golden Lion Tamarin and is also home to many Chinese ethnic minorities.

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The cell nucleus in plants is discovered. It was the first completely American-built steam engine to go into scheduled passenger service. The first work to treat women in a completely distinctive way, "The History of Women," is published.

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