ZMagazine Article – ZCommunications – Disneyland, Doha, and the WTO in Hong Kong by Hidayat Greenfield

The text of the brief includes a remarkable sub-heading that perfectly illustrates their key argument: "ATS Lawsuits Harm The Economy By Putting Companies With A US Presence At A Unique And Unfair Competitive Disadvantage." This is explained as follows: "This means that US companies (or companies with a US presence) ar…

Hong Kong Senior Secondary Liberal Studies – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

What opportunities, challenges and threats face the Hong Kong economy as a consequence of globalisation and of demographic shifts such as gender imbalance and an aging population. What challenges and opportunities are created by globalization.

Global Politician – China, Hong Kong & Taiwan

China-US collision course and the crowning of oil and gold Dee Woo – 6/7/2011 The Normalization of the Sino-American relationship 40 years ago did not only help contain the aggression of USSR's communist imperialism in Asia-pacific and fragment the foundation of global socialist ideology, but help bring the reclusive m…

Economist – Unions and globalisation – Finding common ground between American and Chinese workers – The Economist

Mr Stern talks about the labour movement's gradual recognition, since the 1980s, that negotiating for dramatically higher wages at one firm only puts that firm at a disadvantage and threatens workers' jobs.

EconTalk – Don Boudreaux on Globalization and Trade Deficits – Library of Economics and Liberty – EconTalk

Globalization, by Don Boudreaux. "Globalization as Framed by the Two Logics of Trade," by James Buchanan's and Yong Yoon. Book is overview of globalization debate. Hong Kong though has largely practiced free trade. 57 Inequality, one of the concerns about globalization. – Globalization Revisited

However, anti globalists mainly object to the process of globalization and its biased nature rather than the globalization itself. – Making it – manufacturing and globalisation – Rear Vision – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The rise of Asian industrialisation really began in the '50s and '60s with Japan and then the so-called Asian tigers—Hong Kong particularly, also Taiwan, and more recently, South Korea.

Microsoft Developer Network – Globalization Step-by-Step – Sorting and String Comparison

The big disadvantage of these APIs is that you cannot specify which locale-specific rules should be used to perform the comparison, and you are always limited to the currently selected user-locale standards. That can be a problem in the following cases.

Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Globalisation, the advancement of information technology and the development of knowledge-based economies in a climate of global economic restructuring have brought about unprecedented changes worldwide.

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