The New York Times – Study Says Grand Canyon Older Than Thought – New York Times

By dating mineral deposits inside caves up and down the canyon walls, the geologists said they determined the water levels over time, as erosion carved out the mile-deep canyon as it is known today.


"Geology and REE geochemistry of the magnetite deposits at El Laco, Chile." Economic Geology Special Publication No. Geology and Ore Deposits of the Central Andes: 299-332. Society of Economic Geologists, Lindgren Prize for outstanding work by a young scientist, 1993.

AAPG – Award Winners:03:2007 EXPLORER

Adesida Shell Petroleum (Nigeria), Lagos, Nigeria. Bouma, a much honored and internationally respected geologist with a sequence named in his honor, heads the list of those who will be honored at the AAPG Annual Convention in Long Beach, Calif.

Geological Society of America – Highlights from Geology and GSA Today

On the basis of new geological mapping and topographic analyses that used Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter data, interpretation of Mars Orbiter Camera images, previously reported evidence for evaporite deposits on Mars, and thermodynamic and heat-flow considerations, Montgomery and Gillespie propose a novel hypothesis for …

Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer – Specialized Microscopy Techniques – Polarized Light Digital Image Gallery

Anhydrite does not form directly from geologic processes, but rather occurs as water evaporates from the mineral gypsum. Both minerals are composed of calcium sulfate, but gypsum's water loss results in a reduced volume of the rock in which it is contained, sometimes leading to the formation of caverns or grottos.

San Francisco Museum and Planetarium – What Kind of Geologist Am I – CAS – Teachers

A lesson from our Geology Classroom Kit, Mineral Match, explores everyday uses of minerals. By sharing brief first person narratives, students will learn about six of the many branches of geology and become familiar with tools used by geologists to study and collect the Earth's resources.

The Lost Geologist – April 2009

Besides influencing limestone resource quality and playing a role the formation of Mississippi-Valley-type deposits (hence my interest) it also is a very important aspect in hydrology and groundwater flow and is recognised as a potential geohazard in the form of sinkholes.

Yale Environment 360 – Feature Archive

Few places on earth harbor as much biodiversity as Ecuador's Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, which sits atop vast deposits of oil and now faces intense development pressure. In a Yale Environment 360 video, filmmaker Ryan Killackey travels to the heart of Yasuni with scientists inventorying its stunning wildlife and plants.

Angelfire – Geological Society of Malaysia – Publications

A review of the progress in the knowledge of the geology and mineral resources of Malaysia from 1972 to early 1975. Geology of Tin Deposits. A collection of papers presented at the International Symposium on Geology of Tin Deposits. Geology of the principal tin deposits of Bolivia.

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Up a level. Dawson, Ian, Atashroo, Hazel and Gilbert Peterson, Oliver (2013) Armada. Chesney, Luis and Dinneen, Mark (eds. 2013) Augusto Boal revisitado, Madrid, ES, Sociedade Brasileira de Autores Teatrais ( Teatro. Revista de Estudios Culturales ).

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