Russia Gold-Mining Industry Shackled by Regulation, Nesis Says – Bloomberg

"Russia has the best prospects globally for gold mining," Nesis said today at the Minex Russia Forum in Moscow. While it's politically stable and has "good" resources, state rules hamper efforts to expand production, he said.

Sugar Industry in Uttarpradesh – Uttar Pradesh Sugar Industry

Uttar Pradesh Sugar Industry is one of the largest sugar industries in the Indian economy. The region of India where the state of Uttar Pradesh lies is one of the most fertile lands in India called the 'doab'.

Mining industry – Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Mining activities are currently being carried out at 2,000 mines in Kazakhstan, which consists of prospecting at 132 mines (7%), extraction at 1,213 (61%) and both activities at 641 (32%). – Newcrest Mining on the Forbes Global 2000 List

Newcrest Mining Limited (Newcrest) is engaged in the exploration, mine development, mine operations and the sale of gold and gold/copper concentrate. These Global 2000 firms stand out from its industry peers in growth, return to investors and future prospects.

Prospects bright for Arctic mining – Views and News from Norway

Mining could contribute more to Finnmark's economy in the long term, claim some industry observers, than the petroleum industry. New mining ventures could employ more people in northern Norway's Finnmark County than the area's budding oil and gas industry, but lots of conflicting interests are at stake. – Discuss – The Future of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Solutions in India Business Intelligence Solutions in India and more information flow and here Business Intelligence plays the most value added services to different industries. I have to do data integration,data mining and report generation.

Ernst & Young – Ernst & Young Industries Mining and Metals – Ernst & Young – Guam

The global mining and metals industry is focused on future growth through expanded production, but it also faces the increased challenge of maintaining its social license to operate and meeting government revenue expectations.

With China and India ravenous for energy, coal's future seems assured –

Industry officials insist that as large Chinese coal companies like the Shenhua Group buy out smaller mines and new technologies develop that can detect dangerous methane gas and automatically shut down mines, safety will improve.

Diamond News – Diamond Mining and Investment News –

Sinking global commodity prices have negatively impacted Canada's North near-future mining outlook, but longer-term prospects for the industry in the three territories remain strong. 50-million year old tree fossil uncovered in Canadian diamond mine.

Shaping the future of mining

I am honored to join this conference of the mining industry as you convene to tackle the vast prospects that lie ahead. A multipartite approach — one that involves industry experts, the academe, the local and national government and civil society leaders — can help redefine the mining industry.

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