The Integration Report – The Civil Rights Project at UCLA

Priority 11, "Promoting Diversity," prioritizes "projects that are designed to promote student diversity, including racial and ethnic diversity, or avoid racial isolation." What does this mean for advocates of quality, integrated education.

Connecticut State Library – State Librarian's Report, November 2005

The Final Report on Improving the Management of Connecticut's Historical Judicial Records: A Preservation/Access Project, a project made possible by support from the National Historical Publications Commission and the Connecticut Historic Documents Preservation Fund.

What Happened to the Employee Free Choice Act – (From Firedog Lake, added here 4.28.10) – …

CLC Milestone President Brett A Hulme and Robert Payne, President TWU 526 and CLC VP – South, attended the AFGE Local 3981 membership meeting last night in Jesup (Sept 18th, 2012) AFGE Local 3981 became our 40th affiliate increasing CLC represented members to over 8,900 in southeast Georgia AFGE Local 3981 represents w…

Standards Development – List of Technical Bodies – CENELEC – CLC/SR 65B

Evaluation report content 2008-11-20 EN FR DE. Project in progress. Rules for compliance profiles 2006-04-21 EN DE. EN 61514-2:2004 (pr=15608)Industrial process control systems. Methods of evaluating the performance of intelligent valve positioners with pneumatic outputs 2004-03-30 EN.

Archaeological Institute of America – Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin – Southern Costa Rica Archaeology Project 2013

Interested students may have additional opportunities to conduct community outreach, learn the basics of ArcGIS, co-author portions of the annual site report, and pursue individual research projects in future years.

Meeting Description

Pippa Brashear, Project Manager, Project for Public Spaces. Pippa Brashear is a project Manager with Project for Public Spaces.

BBC NEWS – School Report – All you need to make the news

Programmes such as Avid Free DV offer a free editing resource with a tutorial. It's important to remember you don't need the latest technology to take part in the project. Schools taking part in the School Report project need to be able to place the students' news on an internet site for others to see.

Child Life Council – Spotlight on Child Life

In 2010, CLC introduced an e-newsletter entitled Child Life News Monthly, which provides CLC members with a monthly selection of the latest research and news headlines relevant to the child life profession. – Articles From – Morneau Shepell's My EAP Awarded 'Innovation of the Year' by EAEF to USGBC-OC …

2012, Goldcorp Reports 2012 First Quarter Results, Kirkland's Reports First Quarter 2012 Results, Deswell Announces Fourth Quarter Results, Independence Holding Company Announces 2012 First-Quarter Results.

Daddy Types – diy Archives

It's called Turniture II, a 4-in-1 convertible outdoor furniture project by architect. Los Angeles-based artist/curator Doug Harvey organized "The Patter Of Tiny Brains," an exhibition of audio of or by children, for the phone-based art gallery, 323 Projects.

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