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Catering to the diverse industrial requirements for rubber products, Modi Trading Corporation are positioned as a reliable manufacturer of industrial rubber products. China (Chongqing) International Metallurgy Industry Expo 2012.

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Fluorite is used as a decorative medium used in the fashioning such items as vases. As a flux in steel, ceramics, and glass. In the production of hydrofluoric acid which has various industrial uses. (Primary text: Perkins, D 2002. Text-only page produced automatically by LIFT Text Transcoder.

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The compounds used as flux (from the Latin noun fluxus, a wash or current of water) are used in metallurgy for a number of different purposes, but in smelting they are used to lower the melting point and promote the fusion of metals and minerals in slag.

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The term fluorspar, when used as a commodity name, also refers to calcium fluoride formed as a by-product of industrial processes. Spar is a generic name used by mineralogists to refer to any non-metallic mineral that breaks easily to produce flat surfaces and which has a glassy luster.

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Fluorite is an important industrial mineral. The most common use is as a flux in producing steel. Another important use is in making hydrofluoric acid, which is used in pottery, optics, and plastics. Fluorite is also used in making opalescent glass and in enameling cookware.

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The gains were driven by higher commodity prices, particularly fluorite, and higher processing of a larger amount of fluorite ore in the fourth quarter to develop greater tonnage of fluorite lumps and powder.

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Silica sand is also used as molding sand because it can withstand the high temperatures used in casting steel and other metals.

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Used for oil preheating, oil baths, wax and other heat transfer fluids TRENT Oil Immersion Heaters are designed to give years of trouble-free service when the tubes are completely covered with fluid, used on correct voltage and kept free of carbonization.

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KYANITE is an important mineral used for the production of superduty refractory material mullite (3Al2O3.2SiO2), used in various metallurgical and glass industries, except steel metallurgy as mullite refractory bricks are corroded by iron slag and are not highly resistant to metallic oxides.

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