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This Web page portal lists over 1,500 technical reports published as part of the JHRP, and subsequently JTRP, collaborative venture between Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation. FHWA/IN/JTRP-2011/20, High Performance Concrete Pavement in Indiana, Tommy E Nantung, SPR-2642.

Items where Year is 2008 – [email protected]

DSouza, Deepak and Holla, Raveendra and Kulkarni, Janardhan and Raghavendra, KR and Sprick, Barbara (2008) On the Decidability of Model Checking Information Flow Properties. Natural convection analog of pressure driven pipe flow.

Items from 2001 – Opus

Antibiotic elution from bone cement. 103rd Annual General Meeting of the American Ceramic Society, 2001-04-22 – 2001-04-25, Indiana. J Bone Joint Surg, Orthopaedic Proceedings, Suppl I, 2001-01-01. And Richens, P. Architectural Science Review, 44 (1), pp 33-44.

Warwick Research Archive Portal – Browse by Subject – Warwick Research Archive Portal – WRAP

(2003) Mechanochemical processing of sialon compositions. JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, 23 (7). Highlight your research. University of Warwick Publications service & WRAP. TP Chemical technology 861.

Geotimes — Archives — Search by Date

Plants vs petroleum. Giant ice sheet covered the Arctic. Geothermal power in the West. Geoscience in the presidential campaign. Ancient clouds trapped in stone.

Items where Year is 2009 – NERC Open Research Archive

2009 On using acoustic profiling to study bottom boundary layer flow dynamics in unsteady sediment-laden open-channel flow. 2009 Environmental flow from dams. Proceedings of Coastal Dynamics 2009: impacts of human activities on dynamic coastal processes, Tokyo.

Open Source Ecology – GVCS

The Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) is an open technological platform that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different Industrial Machines that it takes to build a small civilization with modern comforts.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Institutional Repository – Items where Subject is Q Science – Q Science (General) – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Institutional Repository

Abdul Rahim, Ruzairi and Pang, Jon Fea and Chan, Kok San and Leong, Lai Chean (2005) Area-Based Concentration Measurement Using Optical Tomography Technique For Various Flow Patterns.

The University of Texas at Austin – Sustainability at UT – Search Results – Academic Sustainability Catalog – University of Texas at Austin

Assessing Energy Requirements and Material Flows of Selective Laser Sintering Nylon Powder. Basic Botany and Native Plants (LAR 384). ATI Clean Energy Incubator. Atmosphere Transport and Dispersion Model (CE 396L.5 ). Austin Area Environmental Issues (UGS 302).

How rubber cement is made – material, making, history, used, parts, structure, product, machine, History, Raw …

The Manufacturing Process. Ideally, it is meant to join two pieces of rubber together, which involves a chemical cohesion process. Adhesives are made from either natural animal or plant products or synthetic polymer.

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