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The economizer portion of an air-handling system is not only responsible for reducing the operating cost of the system, but more importantly, it has to provide a sufficient volume of outside air at all times to ensure good indoor air quality. Carbon Dioxide Capture from Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants.

Method and system for the disposal of coal preparation plant waste coal through slurry co-firing in …

Preferably, the injection means produces a spray introduced with the cyclone secondary air flow at the air entry point into the cyclone barrel and oriented axially with the air flow to about 45° downward from the flow, or more preferably from about 0° to about 20° downward from the flow.

West Our Companyia Division of Culture and History – New River Coal Company Collection

Preparation Plant, Flow Diagrams, Tams, 1958. Fire Creek Coal & Coke, Incorporated, Mount Hope, West Our Companyia, Engineering Services for Proposed 200 TPH coal preparation and material handling facilities. Book of Patents Specifically Commentated on in Validity and Infringement Report.

Internet FAQ Archives – System For The Conversion Of Carbonaceous Feedstocks To A Gas Of A Specified Composition – Patent application

As used herein, the term "feedstocks" and "carbonaceous feedstock" can be any carbonaceous material appropriate for gasifying in the present gasification process, and can include, but are not limited to, any waste materials, coal (including low grade, high sulfur coal not suitable for use in coal-fired power generators…

Greenwich Academic Literature Archive – Items where School – Research Groups is School of Engineering – Greenwich Academic Literature Archive – Department

16th International Conference on Intelligent System Applications to Power Systems IEEE Conference Publications. (2012) Sensitivity of cellular wireless network performance to system & propagation parameters at carrier frequencies greater than 2 GHz.

free at InspectApedia – Guide to Heating System Circulator Pump Location & Mounting

When the zone valve is fully open, an "end switch" inside the valve tells the heating system's circulator to begin operating, causing hot water to flow through the zone.

Conventional coal-fired power plant – Draft – Citizendium

At the power plant the coal is either fed directly to the fuel preparation system or to a pond where the coal settles out and, at a later date, is re-slurried and then pumped to the fuel preparation system.

DOE – NETL – Gasifipedia

Plant Description The plant uses GE Energy's (formerly owned by Texaco) commercially available, entrained-flow, oxygen-blown gasifier to produce syngas from coal which feeds a combined-cycle turbine system to produce electricity.

The Energy Blog – About Coal Liquefaction

Process flow diagrams, with flows, temperatures, pressures and H (total heat content) is given for each stream. Schuebert et al of Syntroleum presented a paper, with 86 references, in 2003 that summarized catalyst development for the Cobalt slurry system.

Railway air brake – Wikipedia

In order to design a system without the shortcomings of the straight air system, Westinghouse invented a system wherein each piece of railroad rolling stock was equipped with an air reservoir and a triple valve, also known as a control valve.

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