[email protected] – Numerical Modeling of the Development of a Preferentially Leached Layer on Feldspar Surfaces

Yang, C Zhu et al. This document is currently not available here. Plants, Soils, and Climate, Department of. Plants, Soils, and Climate Faculty Publications. Utah State University.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Institutional Repository – Effect of leaching on lime stabilised contaminated soil and mining waste – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Institutional Repository

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) study showed that the bottom part of the leached columns had tights structure with low pore spaces, which were clogged-up by fine materials. Using X-ray diffraction (XRD) technique, quartz, kaolinite, feldspar and cementitious minerals were detected in the stabilised samples.

California Geological Survey – Mineral and Rocks – Glossary of Terms

Containing sodium and/or potassium in excess of the amount needed to form feldspar with the available silica. It is formed by the oxidation of sulfides and the leaching-out of the sulfur and most metals, leaving hydrated iron oxides and rarely sulfates.

ERIC – Recovery of Lithium from China Clay Waste Using a Combination of Froth Flotation, Magnetic … and Leaching

Mineralogical analysis of the flotation products showed that the concentrate consisted mainly of muscovite, zinnwaldite and kaolinite with minor amounts of K-feldspar and quartz. The tailing consisted of mainly quartz, K-feldspar and kaolinite with minor amounts of apatite, topaz, zinnwaldite and muscovite.

CentAUR – Weathering microenvironments on feldspar surfaces – implications for understanding fluid-mineral reactions in soils – CentAUR

The mechanisms by which coatings develop on weathered grain surfaces, and their potential impact on rates of fluid-mineral interaction, have been investigated by examining feldspars from a 1.1 ky old soil in the Glen Feshie chronosequence, Scottish highlands.

Hindawi Publishing Corporation – Leaching of Fluoride from Biotite Mica in Soil – Implications for Fluoride in Shallow Groundwater

F − from biotite was investigated at room temperature by performing a series of short-term leach tests. F − is leached from highly weathered biotite, compared to fresh biotite. F − is leached readily into water percolating through the soil.

Geotimes — Archives — Search by Date

Geotimes Archive If you like what you see here, subscribe now to Geotimes. Geotimes Article Archive Search Results, By Date: (includes Features, News Notes, Geophenomena, Energy & Resources, Trends & Innovations, and Technology stories). Grand Canyon quandary. Mars may hide shades of blue.

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Google – Patent US5985700 – TFT fabrication on leached glass surface – Google Patents

The method of claim 1, wherein said leached glass surface formed by said leaching step exhibits an increased surface roughness, compared to that present prior to said leaching step, of less than 500 angstroms RMS over a 5.mu.m.times.5.mu.m area.

Glossary of Terms – F

Feldspar A group of common aluminum silicate minerals that contains potassium, sodium, or calcium. Foliar Leaching Process in which water from precipitation removes plant nutrients from the surface of leaves. Felsic Magma Magma that is relatively rich in silica, sodium, aluminum, and potassium.

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