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With forced air central heating systems, the generated heat is distributed by forcing hot air through ductwork, vents and plenums. In these steam systems, with pressures in excess of 2000 psi & temperatures above 1000°F safety relief valves ensure that steam is vented before pressure peaks can damage equipment.

NIOSH Firefighter Fatality Investigation – South Dakota Firefighters Killed During Storage Silo Fire – Firefighter Nation

Coal storage silo after explosion (NIOSH photo). The NIOSH Firefighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program have released the line of duty death report of two South Dakota volunteer firefighters killed in an explosion while trying to extinguish a fire on a coal storage silo in 2011.

IET Digital Library – Electrical Safety – a guide to causes and prevention of hazards

The principle of flameproof protection is to place electrical equipment in an enclosure which does not need to be sealed but which will not ignite a surrounding explosive gas if the same explosive mixture is ignited within the enclosure.

Fighting Fire with Knowledge – WPI

Ever since coal has been mined and grains have been milled, explosions from dust buildup have been causing countless deaths in mines, mills, factories, and storage facilities.

Powder Bulk Solids – Vacuum Systems & Cleaning – Powder/Bulk Solids

Multi-Vac Inc, Union Grove, WI 888-488-4188 Explosion-Proof Vacuum Cleaner Systems Company manufactures legally certified explosion-proof vacuum cleaner systems for hazardous locations and environments Class I Groups C and D and Class II Groups E, F, and G.

OSHA – Combustible Dust NEP Status Report – October 2009

Dust collectors were located inside buildings without proper explosion protection systems, such as explosion venting or explosion suppression systems.

NIOSH Publications and Products – Preventing Occupational Fatalities in Confined Spaces (86-110) – CDC

When the worker attempted to restart the heater, an explosion occurred that vented through the opening. SEPTIC TANK SILO REACTION VESSEL SEWAGE DIGESTER VAT BOILER PUMPING/LIFT STATION DUCT PIPELINE SEWAGE DISTRIBUTION UTILITY VAULT PIT or HOLDING TANK.

Electrical Construction and Maintenance (EC&M) Magazine – How to Light Hazardous Environments – Lighting & Control content from Electrical Construction and Maintenance (EC …

Class II fixtures also have to function under a blanket of explosive dust as grain silos and other agricultural and mineral processing plants position lights where they can get covered by dust or grains for extended periods of time.

Universal Industrial Gases, Inc CO2 Carbon Dioxide Properties, Uses, Applications – Recovery from Industrial Sources – …

In almost all cases, carbon dioxide which is captured and purified for commercial applications would be vented to the atmosphere at the production point if it was not recoved for transport and beneficial use at other locations.

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Venting that occurs during the filling or emptying of bulk sand silos used to store proppant releases silica particulate into the air that can cover large areas. Methane also contributes to air pollution within a domicile and can be an explosive hazard if not properly vented.

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