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Definition Lathe is a machine, which removes the metal from a piece of work to the required shape and size Common types of lathes: Engine Lathe: The most common form of lathe, motor driven and comes in large variety of sizes and shapes.

The American Institute of Physics – Oral History Transcript — Dr. Humboldt Leverenz

This transcript may not be quoted, reproduced or redistributed in whole or in part by any means except with the written permission of the American Institute of Physics. This transcript is based on a tape-recorded interview deposited at the Center for History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics.

Ilf and Petrov. The Twelve Chairs

The plot of The Twelve Chairs is very simple. The mother-in-law of a former nobleman named Vorobyaninov discloses on her deathbed a secret: she hid her diamonds in one of the family's chairs that subsequently was appropriated by the Soviet authorities. – Design of Jigs Qp Upto 2010

(b) Sketch and explain air operated drilling jig components 13. How can a lathe fixture be clamped to the lathe. Or (b) Sketch and explain any eight parts of a Box jig with suitable diagram. Explain it with the help of suitable sketches. Or (b) Sketch and explain Box jig.

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