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Machine, boring machine, drill press, grinding machine, gear cutting machine, electrosparking machine, etc. A horizontal boring machine is a time-saver machine used to bore holes in highly rigid construction. Machining centers are machine tools that are used to automatically repeat operations on a workpiece. – A rundown on rolling machines – Bending Tech Cell –

Remember, machine capacity must match your material, and most plate roll manufacturers can provide detailed capacity-versus-yield tables to assist you. With varying geometry, these rolls can be used like a single-pinch, double-pinch, or pyramid-style machine that requires minimal sheet movement during prebending.

Manufacturing engineering – Wikipedia

Other CAE programs commonly used by product manufacturers include product life cycle management (PLM) tools and analysis tools used to perform complex simulations.

Lean in manufacturing – What is jidoka autonomation

This training video is not just jidoka definition, but gives examples of what is jidoka, autonomation and lean implementation.

Huffington Post – Michele Nash-Hoff – What's Happening to U. S. Manufacturing

Machine tools are used to cut and form metal, used in nearly all manufacturing involving metals, from autos to airplanes.

ReadWriteWeb – ReadWrite – How Big Data From Connected Machines Gets Used

I spoke this week with Bill Zujewski, Executive Vice President of Product Strategy & Marketing at M2M (machine to machine) platform company Axeda. The company's examples are fascinating, this time about M2M-produced big data used in the cloud.

Manufacturing – Cincom Smalltalk

The Pentagon's goal was to ensure that American semiconductor manufacturers could produce the micro-electronics vital to US defense by developing and commercializing new technologies and dramatically reducing the time and cost involved in producing silicon wafers TI's goal was to pare the cost of building a wafer fab f…

Machines News, Video and Gossip – Deadspin

Businessweek presents three examples of so-called ledes from a Michigan-Iowa baseball game, which Michigan won, 7-5.

Automotive Design & Production – Beyond Rapid Prototyping – Additive Manufacturing – Automotive Design & Production

"We will never replace injection molding, for instance. But the faster we get our machines, the better their resolution, the better their accuracy, the closer the gap between additive fabrication technologies and other manufacturing processes. We're working on closing that gap." Here are examples of how two major rapid…

Good capitalism, bad capitalism and turning science into economic benefit – Soft Machines

In my own university, Sheffield, we have some very successful and high profile activities in partnership with companies, such as our Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing, shortly to be expanded as part of an Advanced Manufacturing Institute with heavy involvement from Rolls Royce and other companies.

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