ADB Annual Report – Volume 1 – Main Report

Our clean energy program, for example, has invested $2.8 billion over the last 2 years, investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean technology deployment that encourage our developing member countries to move toward low-carbon energy generation and utilization.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – 2012 Annual Letter From Bill Gates – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Using the latest tools—seeds, vaccines, AIDS drugs, and contraceptives, for example—we have made impressive progress. Farming is a great example of something critical to the poor that gets very little attention in rich countries.

Annual report layout and design – Brochure Design – Flyer Design – Graphic Design – Illustrator – Photoshop

We will also provide examples of the type of documents we are are expecting and ideas to model the design on. SWATT Design Ltd is a UK based independent freelance graphic design studio with over 15 years of industry experience designing Annual Reports. I have samples of charity's annual reports that I have designed.

CERF releases 2010 Annual Report – OCHA

The CERF 2010 Annual Report illustrates the difference CERF made last year through examples of the fund's impact on the lives of those in need. Other examples of CERF-supported humanitarian projects can be found in the CERF multimedia gallery.

ASNO Annual Report 2000-20001

Reports were not provided by Australias other bilateral partners, the Philippines, Egypt, the Russian Federation, Mexico and New Zealand, as there was no AONM in those countries.

Annual report 2011 – operational highlights

The ICRC sought to live up to the responsibilities and pressures resulting from a solid initial field budget (CHF 1,047 million), from budget extensions amounting to CHF 159 million for the crises in Côte d'Ivoire (and consequences in Liberia), Libya and Somalia, and from a range of other demanding operations in contex…

Knights of Columbus – 1,000 Delegates and Their Families Hear 2009 Annual Report

He also warned that through the United Nations and other international agencies, pressures are increasing on predominantly Catholic countries such as the Philippines, Mexico and Poland to legalize abortion.

Antonia Juhasz on The True Cost of Chevron – An Alternative Annual Report

Now Chevron's annual report reports that 2008 was the company's most profitable year in history.

SingTel 2012 Annual Report – Group Digital Life

Aptly called "hyperlocal" apps, they are an example of how we are differentiating ourselves from global content providers, by offering services that specifically cater to the needs and tastes of Singaporeans and Australians.

Press Conference on Annual Report of Committee to Protect Journalists

Noting that repression in Iran and violence in the Philippines had greatly worsened this year's picture, Mr Mahoney welcomed to the podium Bob Dietz, the committee's Asia Programme Coordinator, and Maziar Bahari, a Newsweek correspondent, who had been arrested last year in Teheran, jailed for four months and released, …

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