Gold Diggers of 1937 (1936) – IMDb

Harburg was written for the picture but not used in the final print. (At 22:00) A string used to make a stack of books fall onto Dick Powell's head is clearly visible against the white paper background. "Swing for Sale" (uncredited) Music by Harold Arlen Played when the railroad car can't be opened See more.

Tucson Desert Gold Diggers

Prospecting Equipment, showing the variety of equipment used by club members, equipment plans, tips and additional links.

Adorama – Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector GOLD

We Pay top dollar for your used photo & video equipment. As a target nears, the Gold Digger's intensity meter provides a visual cue and the audio feedback tone increases. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector with 7 Closed Waterproof Coil. Get the best value shopping our selection of used gear.

Shooting Gold Diggers at African Mine Seen Amid Record Prices – Bloomberg

Security guards and federal police allegedly have shot and killed people scavenging the gold-laced rocks to sell for small amounts of cash, according to interviews with 28 people, including victims' relatives, witnesses, local officials and human-rights workers.

Gold Digger Characters – Wikipedia

The Gold Digger series has a large ensemble cast, in total spanning hundreds of characters. The Diggers family. Brianna may never settle down, but has started to learn aura magic under her father, and helps to design equipment for her friends in the Vaultron Force on the side.

New Georgia Encyclopedia – Gold Rush

From the beginning of the gold rush, trade in the gold region suffered from a limited circulation of currency. So it appears that what we long anticipated has come to pass at last, namely, that the gold region of North and South Carolina, would be found to extend into Georgia.

KillerGuides – World of Warcraft Gold Secrets

Unorthodox gold-making strategies: Looking for that extra edge to stand out from every other serious gold-diggers on your server.

Gold-Net Australia Online – March 2000

The local government considered that the diggers would abandon the diggings for the harsh winter, but they underestimated the hardy diggers, with a good proportion remaining.

Hispanically Speaking News – Colombian Police Shut Down Illegal Gold Mine – Hispanically Speaking News

A mobile unit of the Huila police force seized a pump and pans used by gold miners. The equipment found at the site was turned over to the Alto Magdalena Regional Corporation, or CAM, in Neiva, the capital of Huila. Death Toll Rises as Diggers Fight For Amazon Gold.


A typical Gold Digger Mission went something like this: First of all, Gold Digger missions were flown over water between Cuba and the Florida coast. Soon afterwards some of the EC- 121H aircraft used by the551st Wing were modified for Gold Digger duty.

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