Christmas Creek Iron Ore Mine – Mining Technology

New pits are opened progressively after backfilling old ones through strip mining. Christmas Creek is mined using methods adopted in open pit mines, which are similar to those used at Cloudbreak.

Explore Nature – Has mining occurred in national parks – Explore Nature – Geologic Resources – NPS – AML

Abandoned mineral lands can be underground with numerous mine openings such as adits and shafts or on the surface in the form of strip mines, quarries, open wells, or pits.

Google – Patent US4516879 – Foam slabs in mine tunnel stoppings – Google Patents

Kunststoffwerke Gasket strip for butt joint compression seal. US5141363 Apr 2, 1991 Aug 25, 1992 Mobile train for backfilling tunnel liners with cement grout. US7011865 Sep 6, 2002 Mar 14, 2006 3M Innovative Properties Company Sprayable mining liner.

BLM National – Monitoring the Effectiveness of – Bat Compatible Mine Gates – BLM-NARSC Resource Notes Issue 18

By Michael Herder, Arizona Strip Field Office / Grand Canyon. In an effort to protect the public from the hazards of abandoned mines, public land managers have implemented large-scale closure efforts, often at significant expense. – A loud-mouthed, no-nonsense, incorruptible public servant and the most stringent strip-mining laws in the country have …

Says Governor Milton J Shapp, a businessman in a lawyer's game, " Pennsylvania mine operators wouldn't go back to the old system. The new reclamation laws make it easier for them to get contractual agreements with farmers and other landowners, because they can point out how much improved the land will be after mining. …

Kentucky Legislature – Kentucky Revised Statutes

0285 Notification to Transportation Cabinet of permits for mine openings and of mine closings under authority of cabinet. Auger mining of previously mined area. 445 Steep-slope strip mining. 029 Regulations to implement Interstate Mining Compact. 053 Seizure and sale of equipment.

Construction and Mining Impacts – Coal

During construction and mining activities in underground mines and strip mines, impacts to most land uses would be temporary, such as removal of livestock from grazing areas during blasting or heavy equipment operations, or temporary effects on the character of a recreation area due to construction noise, dust, and vis…

Democratic Underground – April 29, 2012

I would like to apologize for a jury comment I left on Friday. Sometimes I really miss this. How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes (3,830 words). Barack Obama Killed It At The Correspondent's Dinner. If Mitt is such a poor candidate, why does everyone that counts say it will be a very close election.

Ohio Revised Code – 1501:13-1-02 Definitions – Lawriter – OAC

(ZZ) "Full coal recovery" means recovery of a high percentage of the in-place coal reserve by pillar removal, longwall mining, or other underground mining method in which support is removed from the roof of the mine under a large enough area that a full or partial collapse or subsidence of the mine roof is planned as p…

Seeking Alpha – Peabody Energy's Conference Call Suggests That Coal Prices Will Be Stronger for Longer – Seeking Alpha

An easy yet powerful way to get exposure to what Boyce calls the coal super-cycle is to buy KOL KOL is an ETF that has coal companies as well as mining equipment makers KOL is especially exciting because it has a good mix of foreign coal-related companies.

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