Yale Environment 360 – The Myth of Clean Coal by Richard Conniff – Yale Environment 360

The campaign has been paid for by Americans for Balanced Energy Choices, which bills itself as the voice of "over 150,000 community leaders from all across the country." Among those leaders, according to ABEC's website, are an environmental consultant, an interior designer, and a "complimentary healer." Other, arguably…

BLM National – BLM decision allows Oxbow's Elk Creek Coal Mine operations to continue (03-16-12)

On Friday, Mar 16, the Bureau of Land Management approved a coal lease modification for Oxbow's Elk Creek Mine allowing the continuation of mining operations adjacent to the existing federal coal lease.

DeSmogBlog – Guest – Looking Back At The Wall Street Journal's Coal Op-Ads

Casting doubt on the science behind acid rain was an industry-wide strategy: an ad by Ingersoll-Rand Mining Machinery that ran in the Journal in 1985 claimed that acid rain is "mostly natural rather than industrial in origin" and said it is "probably wrong" that acid rain "threatens forest in the Eastern U.S.".

NYTimes.com – Turning a Coal Mine's Gas Problem Into a Ski Resort's CO2 and Energy Solution – NYTimes.com

Our partner is a coal mine that carries membership in the Colorado Mining Association, which is a state climate denial machine that on its website cites a Fox report called "Global Warming. The Great Delusion." Uncomfortable.

US Environmental Protection Agency – Climate Change – U.S. EPA – Methane

Global Methane Initiative This international Partnership reduces global methane emissions, with a focus on cost-effective, near-term methane recovery from four major methane sources: landfills, underground coal mines, natural gas and oil systems, and animal waste management.

Earth Times – Cooler coal plant emissions are cleaner, say physicists – The Earth Times – Pollution

In a separate, unpublished and early economic analysis, the scientists suggest an "energy penalty" would raise electricity costs by a quarter but will also produce benefits through subsequent reductions of health-care and climate-change costs normally linked to burning coal.

The Daily Green – Mountaintop Removal Mining – Obama Reverses Bush on Mountaintop Removal Mining – The Daily Green

No, there is no "clean coal" — a term used to describe a future technology that would capture carbon dioxide emissions (but do nothing to stop the destruction at coal mines). The Bush Administration saw that destruction as minimal, compared to the economic benefits of mining and burning coal.

Best Practices – Worldchanging – Evaluation – Tools – How to Get Off Coal

(1) Urgency of coal moratorium A successful strategy to avoid climate calamity must start with a moratorium, and eventual phaseout, of coal-fired power plants that do not capture CO2. On the other hand, a single large coal-fired power plant burns ~ 100 rail cars of coal in a day, each with ~ 100 tons of coal.

WWF – WWF's economic solution to stop mining

The World Wildlife Fund report looks at industries in Southland that potentially have a low carbon growth and which could create hundreds of jobs and inject tens of millions into the community.WWF is against a proposed lignite, or brown coal, mine being created in Southland and commissioned the report to highlight more…

Conservation International (CI) – Cerrejon Coal – Conservation International

The biodiversity offset includes Conservation Area Networks using a multi-criteria approach that is based on the economic valuation of ecosystem services, as well as the development of a technical publication, "Ecological Restoration of Tropical Dry Forest," which will become part of Cerrejon's mine close-out plans.

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