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An-arrgh-chy: The Law and Economics of Pirate Organization. To effectively organize their banditry, pirates required mechanisms to prevent internal predation, minimize crew conflict, and maximize piratical profit. 03 PM PST – 18 comments. It's been said before that trance, and DJ Tiësto in particular, are evil.

World Brewing Congress – Oral & Poster Technical Presentations

A novel gas chromatographic system to characterize hop aroma. Analysis of Michigan hops varieties and easy and direct typification by paper spray. Ionization mass spectrometry and principal component analysis. Analysis of volatile thiols in beer with on-fiber derivatization and GC/MS determination.

Chronological Index to Accessible Documents

Management & information systems. Network analyses (organizations, problems, strategies, values) — gallery. Future possibilities & Change. Networking, tensegrity, virtual organization. Beyond the matrix.

PLOS Pathogens – Routine Use of Microbial Whole Genome Sequencing in Diagnostic and Public Health Microbiology

Agar plates can now be delivered, inoculated, incubated, and imaged by fully automated conveyor belt systems, reducing the amount of labour required at each of the multiple steps involved in sample processing.

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