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Rights to ownership of mineral resources is held by the Nigerian government, which grants titles to organizations to explore, mine, and sell mineral resources. Coal was first discovered in Enugu in 1909, and the Ogbete Mine had opened and begun regularly extracting coal by 1916.

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But mine workers are mostly hired from elsewhere, says Sun Xueli of the Inner Mongolia Academy of Social Sciences. Even as money-spinning mines have proliferated, restrictions have been imposed on grazing.

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The moves towards bitumen mining in Nigeria were mentioned including the fact that a committee was set up in 2008 by the government (of Nigeria) to handle the process of bidding for 3 bitumen blocks. FoE Nigeria schedules to present this proposal formally to the federal government of Nigeria by November 2009. – Green, White, Greener – Nigeria and Its Environment at 52 – The Glory of the Garden –

Despite the setbacks of the past five decades, the future trajectory of conservation, habitat protection, and other aspects of environmental health in Nigeria remains uncharted. Mining along the country's four major rivers has been banned.

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Its Digital library has full text books online such as "Empowering Women for the 21st Century," "Leadership Challenge in African Agricultural Production," "Police and Society," "The Settler Question in Nigeria. the Case of Jos-Plateau," "Africa's Agenda and the Role of the USA" (1993), "The Challenge of Education in Af…

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How to deal with a clustering effect in the assessment of a hand hygiene improvement strategy implemented worldwide. Comparing the cost-effectiveness of MRSA control strategies between ICU and non-ICU settings. Massive hospital-wide bacillus outbreak related to hospital linen and construction.

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Paris, France and Ibadan, Nigeria: Karthala. Violence and Crime in Nineteenth Century England: The Shadow of our Refinement. Routledge Studies in Modern British History, 1. Aisbitt, Sally and Evans, Lisa eds. Developments in country studies in international accounting.

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Rogers, Andrew and Gibson, Ian (2012) Audiovisual Coalescence: The Effect of Synchrony in Film Score. (2012) An investigation of redeposition effect for deterministic fabrication of nanodots by focused ion beam. 9th International Symposium on Computer Modeling and Retrieval, 19th-22nd June 2012, London, UK.

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(2010) Anti-inflammatory effect of exercise training in subjects with type 2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome is dependent on exercise modalities and independent of weight loss.

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(2007) Effect of organic complexation on the toxicity of Cu to the earthworm Eisenia fetida. And Warren, G. (2005) Decomposition and phosphorus release from organic residues as affected by residue quality and added inorganic phosphorus. And Robinson, J.

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