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Rate this book. This act was significant because at the time Frederick County encompassed all of the area west of present Baltimore and Howard Counties to the east to the Maryland border to the west.

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Offers a free downloadable e-book. Includes rational discussion of the issues with scientific papers, articles and links. Greek scientific and educational organization offering conferences on renewable energy sources.

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Downloadable 650-page book provides detailed instructions on how to sustainably produce clean oil from algae — in your back yard — enough to supply your transportation and home power needs. David Sieg has completed yet another e-book in his excellent series on making your own biodiesel from algae and other biomass.

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There are now several ways to put sparklines on your own website including: a simple jQuery plugin, a downloadable PHP library, a dynamic generator using a Python CGI program, and even a library for Ruby on Rails. 25 PM PST – 8 comments. Immortalized in song, it bills itself as the National Beer of Texas.

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Forbes Coal Urges Shareholders to Vote their BLUE Proxy by Thursday, September 13th at 10 am. View more Forbes Coal Urges Shareholders to Vote their BLUE Proxy by Thursday, September 13th at 10 am. Sign-up for Forbes Coal Urges Shareholders to Vote their BLUE Proxy by Thursday, September 13th at 10 am.


MGPL Webrary's Web Sites for Book Lovers — a large collection of links to take you to book review sources, book sellers and publishers, genre lists, etc. One of the best places to start when you want to know about books in the science fiction genre: who wrote what, when was a book published, etc.

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Chinese holding company Legend claims a 41 per cent stake in Lenovo, and the biggest shareholder in Legend – the Chinese Academy of Sciences – enjoys 65 per cent ownership of Legend, making Lenovo quite the PRC firm.

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Aussie coal partners with solar. For fun, for everyone, for science. It's come preinstalled on new systems since January, including the brand-new MacBook Air and Mac Mini desktops, and it was pushed to owners of prior systems (who have at least OS X v10.6.6) via a downloadable update.

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Mobipocket free ebooks and readers. Their readers for PC, mobile phones, and PDA:s are now all freely downloadable, it seems, advanced ebook creators, too. Mobipocket has left the market and gives away hundred of ebooks (public domain). Between coal veins near Mahanoy City, Pa.

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Researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Center for International Earth Science Information Network announced that they have been awarded a five-year, $16.9 million grant renewal from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

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