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Choosing the right drilling fluid and additives and endorsing sound drilling practices will save the operator money Full story. Boart Longyear has revealed exclusively to GDI that it will be launching a new drill bit in November.

World Oil – Pluto expansion hopes suffer blow

World Oil's specialized upstream Engineering Data Tables featuring the Drill Bit Classifier, 2010 Tubing Tables and more.

McClatchy – Does shale oil boom mean U.S. energy independence near – McClatchy

By the agency's count, more than 700 wells have been drilled in Bradford County, more than 300 are operational and more than 2,000 drilling permits have been issued.

Mining tax return – go figure – David Knox –

Knox drills down for a fun exploration program. CSG miners ahead of regulatory curve. Updated Santos has boosted the budget for its GLNG liquefied natural gas project by $US2.5 billion as it brings forward spending on drilling coal seam gas wells to try to ensure adequate gas supplies.

Fracking in Australia – Gas goes boom – The Economist

In 1900, when residents were drilling for water, they struck gas deep underground.

Institute for Energy Research – China Plans to Exploit its Shale Gas Resources

Horizontal drilling is used to provide greater access to the gas by turning the drill bit at the desired depth to bore through the well horizontally, permitting the capture of more natural gas than vertical wells allow.

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