double deck screen

double deck screen

  • MS 2600 Double Deck Screen
  • Self contained Tracked screening plant
  • Double Deck Screen
  • Extra Heavy Duty Construction
  • Independently Variable Belt Drives
  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Top Deck: 6100mm x 1520mm (20″ x 5″)
  • Bottom Deck: 6100mm x 1520mm (20″ x 5″)

Feeder/ Hopper

  • Capacity:7 Cubic Metres (including grid)
  • Feed in Dimensions:4380mm x 2100mm with Grid
  • Feed in Height:3800mm with Grid
  • Feed Beit Width:1000mm
  • Feeder Length:3800mm
  • Type:Belt Feeder with Heavy Duty Troughing Rollers Rollers. 100 & 150 mm bar Spacing
  • Drive:125cc hydraulic motor coupled to gearbox drive to end drum.

Features & Benefits:

  • Variable speed control
  • Can be adjusted to suit application
  • Heavy duty Tesab design
  • Hydraulic tipping reject grid
  • 5mm thick mild steel lining
  • Belt scrapers

Access:Easy Access Through Hinged Rear and Side Doors for ease of Maintenance.

MS2600 Screenbox

  • Top Deck Screenbox Length:6100mm
  • Top Deck Sceenbox Width:1520mm
  • Bottom Deck Screenbox Length:6100mm
  • Bottom Deck Screenbox Width:1520mm
  • Screen Meshes:Top Deck fitted with 6 side Tensioned mesh panels. 1450mm inside hooks x 1000mm Long, Bottom Deck fitted with 2 end Tensioned mesh panels. 3040mm inside hooks x 1450mm Wide.
  • Screen Tensioning:Ratchet Style adjustment for easy tensioning of bottom deck meshes as standard. Top deck bolt system standard.
  • Screenbox:8mm Thick Mild Steel Side Plates. Feed on Plate fitted with 15mm thick bolt on wear rubber.
  • Screenbox Angles:Hydraulically Adjustable Screenbox angle. Working Angles 16 – 26 Degrees


  • Twin bearing single shaft design. Eccentric Shaft running on 130mm diameter Bearings and fitted with bolt on Counterweights to each side.
  • Hydraulic motor can be reversed to change direction of throw. 87cc hydraulic motor.
  • Screen Speed:Standard 1050 rpm
  • Spring Mounted:Mounted on 12 Heavy Duty Vibration Springs (3 per corner)
  • Maintenance:Changing of meshes is simple and quick via ratchet tensioning. Fines belt drops to ground level, to allow access to screenbox bottom deck meshes at horizontal.Features & Benefits:
  • Large screening area on both top and bottom decks.
  • High Energy Screening Action
  • Heavy Duty Screenbox
  • Quick mesh change and tensioning via ratchet system.
  • Optional Ball Deck Fitted to bottom deck if required.

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