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Feed Screws and mixing Screws are screws or augers placed in bins, silos, extruders, hoppers, or molding machine to provide uniform flow. Feed escapements are used for individually feeding parts from hoppers, conveyors, magazines, tracks, and vibratory feeders.

Google – Patent US5004093 – Straight line sorting and/or fill-to-weigh machine – Google Patents

And means, associated with said input conveyors, for effecting equal supplies of work pieces to said input conveyors from said common main conveyor while said common main conveyor is conveying a continuous procession of work pieces. – 20050681 Bulk Solids Handling

5 Screw conveyors. 5.4 The many operating benefits of screw conveyors. 5.5 General limitations of screw conveyors. 6.3 Vibratory conveyors. 7.2.6 Flexible screw conveyors.


The facility encompasses a double-screw reactor having two conveyor screws arranged parallel to one another, rotating codirectionally, and engaging into one another, in which reactor a continuous biomass flow is heated for several seconds, with a continuous flow of sand or coke as heat transfer medium, to a temperature…

Food Processing – Equipment Round Up – November 2008 – Weighing Equipment – Food Processing

A short support framework and a 24-inch-long "V-guided" conveyor make this a practical weighing module for insertion into a transition space between existing conveyors or equipment. The feeder compensates for the difference, and belt speed regulation guarantees highly accurate and long-term feeding stability.

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Mixing systems, ie flow charts or diagrams for components having more than two different of having undetermined agglomeration states, eg supercritical state (mixing plant B01F 13/10). By uniting flows taken from different parts of a receptacle or silo. Gases with gases or vapours.

Powers Curbers Information – Power Pavers Information – Glossary

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) – A special mix of concrete that is very dry and has zero slump that is placed by conveyors or dump trucks, then compacted by vibratory rollers. Auger – Screw-type device used to transfer material. Our auger conveyor transports concrete to the mold.

The Online Magazine of Plastics Technology – How to Feed & Dry Wood Flour – Plastics Technology

Crizaf Automation Systems in Wickliffe, Ohio, a maker of belt conveyors, introduced a belt conveyor with a gravimetric box-feeding system designed to save money for molders of small parts.

Planning and Building the Subansiri Lower Dam and Hydro Project – HydroWorld

The cement is fed to the silos from the cement storage house by conveyor and pneumatic feeder, and cement from the silo is fed to the weigh batcher and then to the mixer via screw conveyors.

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