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It is compositionally similar to many other objects of the Kuiper belt, and its orbital period is characteristic of a class of KBOs known as "plutinos" which share the same 2:3 resonance with Neptune. The first astronomer to suggest the existence of a trans-Neptunian population was Frederick C Leonard.

Ep. 55 – The Asteroid Belt – Astronomy Cast

And if you put a little dot for every one of these asteroids on a diagram that fits on a piece of paper that diagram is going to be almost packed solid with little dots representing asteroids.

HEASARC – Cosmic Distance Scales – The Solar System

Eris is part of a region of space beyond the Kuiper Belt known as the scattered disc. The innermost portion of the scattered disc overlaps with the Kuiper Belt, but its outer limits extend much farther away from the Sun and farther above and below the ecliptic than Belt. It is not to scale.

Railroad Model Craftsman – Product Review – Rapido's Osgood Bradley lightweight coaches in HO Scale

The operative word for these models is exquisite from the finely-detailed carbody to the underbody detail, where air conditioning, brake equipment and piping abound, complete with safety and brake linkage chains, to the exquisite (there's that word again) see-through step risers and end gates.

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If you can read this, either the style sheet didn't load or you have an older browser that doesn't support style sheets. Try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page. It's Not News It's Fark.com. Headlines matching 'CTE'. Source Fark Headline Comments.

Exposition Diagram – Television Tropes & Idioms

In Change 123, when the Insufferable Genius Kannami explains certain aspects of Motoko's Multiple Personalities (and once when explaining Hibiki her mother's family history), the audience only diagram is sometimes used, in form of a mixture of schematic diagrams and portraits of various characters/personalities, and on…

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Optical-fiber microcavities reach angstrom-scale precision. Antiproton belt girdles Earth. New analyses of a mineral dug up in the Koryak Mountains of Russia reveal that it formed under extreme conditions during a meteorite collision. Hints of the Higgs heighten anticipation. Multiple exciton generation.

Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment – Detailed Methods for Characterization and Monitoring of Coral Reef …

This diver follows the belt-transect diver and records data on small-scale benthic habitat composition and structure within a 1 m2 quadrat divided into 100 (10 x 10 cm squares) at four separate positions along the transect. The first is a 25m long belt transect used to quantify fish species' size and abundance.

Daily Kos – Getting to Know Your Solar System (19) – Jupiter (Vol. 1)

Contrarily, the density of a gas giant is far below that of a rocky planet, so the "surface" gravity experienced by an object floating in Jupiter's upper atmosphere would be nowhere near reflecting the scale of its mass.

Greg Bear – Discussion Board Archives (Jan-June 2005)

I just started reading The Forge of God, and was thrilled to learn of a movie in the works. I'm just wondering if the recent upswing in obesity, could be as a result of a bacteria in our gut, that somehow triggers a hunger response. Is there any news on that front or has it stalled.

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