Save Indonesia's Protected Forest Areas from Mining – MiningWatch

Mining multinationals like Newmont, Aurora Gold and Rio Tinto are currently shutting down some of their Indonesian mines, leaving behind open pits, lands unable to be reclaimed, acid mine drainage, and other environmental and social nightmares.

Gold Rush in Haiti – Mining Investment Good for Whom – Ezili Danto. Haiti news

Haiti 's water supply is ALREADY contaminated by foreign cholera feces, what will leaking cyanide, arsenic emissions, mine waste, Marine ecosystem destruction and open pit mining and unsupervised drilling leave Haiti with up North.

CIFOR Forests News Blog – Deforestation from mining in the Congo more than a hole in …

"The roads to reach the mine open up access to the forest," says Putzel, who is lead author of the working paper.

Evidence mounts that Maya did themselves in through deforestation

Aerial view of Amazon rainforest landscape scarred by open pit gold mines. Logging, monoculture plantations, large-scale agriculture, mining, fossil fuel industries, roads, and other impacts are largely behind the current decline in the world's forests.

Mining in Australia – Wikipedia

A large proportion of mines worldwide make use of Australian-developed computer software, such as specialised Geological Database and Resource Estimation Modelling software by Micromine and geology/mine planning software by Runge Ltd and Maptek Pty Ltd Mines in Australia are leading the market globally deploying mine p…

The Guardian – Global mining boom is leading to landgrab, says report – The Guardian – Environment

"Industrial wastelands are being formed by vast open-pit mines and mountain top removal, and the poisoning of water systems, deforestation, and the contamination of topsoil," says the report by the Gaia foundation and groups including Friends of the Earth International, Grain, Oilwatch and Navdanya in India.

Ecumenical Conference on Mining

By Rachel Warden "They said the mine would bring development, but they didn't mean development for us, unless they meant the development of sickness, environmental damage, of social conflict and threats," – community member from San Miguel Ixtahuacan We were talking with the Pastoral Committee for Defense of Mother Ear…

Stop the Costa Rican gold mine — Friends of the Earth International

The Costa Rican government has declared the proposed opening of a gold mine near the San Juan border with Nicaragua as in the public interest. This public declaration will prepare the way for open pit gold mining in an area of rich biodiversity.

Mining –

Open-pit or open-cast mining requires that large swathes of lands should be cleared of trees and other vegetation so that they can be dug up. Open-pit or open-cast method is initially employed as kimberlite is dug from the surface.

Opening Pandora's Box – The new wave of land grabbing by the extractive industries

Just as in the Greek myth, when Pandora opened the box and let out all the troubles known to mortals, so too this new wave of land grabbing for mining is leading to unimaginable destruction. Enormous industrial wastelands are created from vast open pit mines and mountain top removal.

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