PBS – NOVA – Emergency Mine Rescue

This one-hour film chronicles the fate of the 33 miners trapped in a collapsed Chilean gold and copper mine in August 2010 and investigates the many challenges faced by both the miners and those working around the clock to bring them safely to the surface NOVA was on-site at the San José mine in Chile by early Septembe…

Evolution in the Deepest River in the World – Science & Nature – Smithsonian Magazine

Designer Creates Wind-Powered Land Mine Detonator. Spider Making a Web. View Table of Contents. New species are born in the turbulence of the Congo River. Evolution in the Deepest River in the World.

World's First Seafloor Mine Signs First Customer – Discovery News

The project, in the minerals-rich Manus basin of PNG's Bismarck Sea, is claimed by Nautilus as the world's first commercial seafloor mine, and is slated to begin production in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Science Daily – NASA's Robotic Sub Readies For Dive Into Earth's Deepest Sinkhole

The autonomous navigation and mapping software that enabled DEPTHX to safely and precisely operate in the close confines of cenote La Pilita was developed by a team of Carnegie Mellon researchers led by David Wettergreen, associate research professor in the Robotics Institute.

Discover Magazine – The latest in science and technology news, blogs and articles – World's Deepest …

World's Deepest Known Animal: Worm That Lives Under Almost a Mile of Rock. For a year they made intermittent descents to sample the Beatrix gold mine in South Africa, funded by their own savings. Now they plan to expand their expedition to find other animals lurking in the depths. Login to your Account.

Popular Science Magazine – Worms Discovered in Two-Mile-Deep Gold Mine Are the Deepest-Dwelling Complex Life Forms – Popular Science

Mephisto was found thriving in three different gold mines in South Africa, where they've apparently been living in water and feeding off bacteria for thousands of years (carbon dating shows that they've been living at this depth for between 3000 and 12,000 years).

Understanding Evolution – Genealogy enthusiasts mine DNA for clues to evolutionary history

When a customer sends in a DNA sample for analysis, the company tries to match that person's genetic markers with those from people elsewhere in the world.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – Research News – Homestake Strikes Gold Again – NSF Selects Former South Dakota Gold Mine as …

Homestake, the deepest mine in the United States was the site of the single largest gold deposit ever found in the Western Hemisphere.

US chooses site for underground lab – physicsworld.com

If approval is forthcoming for the current design, the Homestake facility would be the largest and deepest underground lab in the world, surpassing existing labs in Italy, Japan and Canada.

How the Mariana Trench Became Earth's Deepest Point

One reason the Mariana Trench is so deep, he added, is because the western Pacific is home to some of the oldest seafloor in the world—about 180 million years old.

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