Connexions – 50 years Journey of IC Technology_Appendix I – Connexions

" The lost history of the Transistor- How 50 years ago, Texas Instruments and Bell Labs pushed electronics into the Silicon Age" by Michael Riordan, IEEE Spectrum, May 2004, pp.44-49.

Hindawi Publishing Corporation – High-Efficiency Si Solar Cell Fabricated by Ion Implantation and Inline Backside Rounding Process

The 6 inch (156 mm × 156 mm, pseudo square-shaped) single crystalline Czochralski silicon wafers (CZ-Si Sino-American Silicon Company (SAS)) with a resistivity of 0.5–3 ohm-cm, and a thickness of 180–200 μ m was used as the substrate in this study.

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According to the US Department of Energy, electric motor driven machinery uses over 2/3 of all electricity in industry.

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – Energy Basics – Glossary of Energy Related Terms

Glossary of Energy Related Terms. Share this resource. Here you'll find a glossary of energy-related terms. The ratio of the mass of water vapor to the volume occupied by a mixture of water vapor and dry air.

The American Institute of Physics – Oral History Transcript — Dr. Jerry Woodall

This was a little before silicon came online. So it turns out they had these automatic etching machines that determined the size of the little dies that came out and they would sell these things for I guess about a half a cent each.

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Study of Minority Carrier Lifetime Behavior in Czochralski Study of Minority Carrier Lifetime Behavior in Czochralski-Grown Silicon Crystals Wong, DC Manager of Advanced Crystal Growth, Arco Solar, See ASTM International Information.

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The standard Czochralski (CZ) technique incorporate oxygen into the bulk silicon from the crucible.

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