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Here, The Wizard is machining the head cover/wicket gate case crown on the 120 inch Niles boring machine. J & W Jolly (cylinder gate).

GardenWeb – They found coolant in a Cylinder – What can I Do – Cars Forum – GardenWeb

You'd be wise to spend maybe a couple hundred bucks more to have a machine shop check out and resurface the head too at that. Found coolant in #2 cylinder head gasket leaking and possible head.

For Sale – 4 Bandolero Cars – R&D Performancenter Ltd

Cyl Head Resurfacing. ENGINE MACHINE SHOP. Cyl Head Pressure Testing. Cyl Head Porting&Polishing. ATV Cylinder Boring.

AOL Autos – Car Repair – Fix It or Write-It Off

If the cylinder head checks "OK" they will resurface the head to ensure a proper seal to the new head gasket. Once the cylinder head has been removed, a machine shop will be needed to inspect the cylinder head for cracks using a pressure test procedure.

Too Many Requests – I see your 200k odometer pic and raise you – BMW

A decent head surface should cost about $50 at a machine shop. I don't know anything about photography so all these comments are going over my head. I wish My 328is is in the shop with a bad head gasket at 120k Bad times man, Bad times.

Antique Engines Antique Tractors Steam Engines and Old Iron

On my Jaeger, the cylinder was honed and the piston was put back in with the old rings (6 of them) and the engine ran well after the rings took a seat.

Machining Services – Midwest Super Cub

Cylinder head resurfacing/decking Single Cylinder. Torque plate for cylinder boring single cylinder K-Series Kohler engines. Cylinder head resurfacing/decking V-Twin. Machining V-Twin head for roller rocker kit. Block Sale Bonanza.

RE – Stripped threads on OS 46AX Engine Head

If by chance you seem to have a harder time adjusting the carb especially if the needles seem fussier or the engine runs hot try a colder plug the brass insert may be raising the cylinder head temp just enough to give you fits.

CNC Machines for Heavy-Duty or Industrial Engines – Engine Builder

"We use a touch screen for entering all the machine commands, with buttons for basic jobs such as boring the block, resurfacing the block and so on. All the programming has been done, so all the operator has to do is tell the machine what he wants it to do and the machine does the rest.".

Turbo 4.9 Ford Maverick –

How to resurface your cylinder head without a 16 ton milling machine. Powerful Ford 4.9L 300 inline six for sale Powerful Ford 4.9L 300 inline six for sale $1500 Ready to drop in package. Geglazing (honing) a Cylinder I demonstrate the use of a cylinder hone to deglaze the bores in preparation for an engine rebuild.

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