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Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. 2013 Digital Trends Report.

Investor Idol

Smart Money Tracker. Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis. Slope Of Hope with Tim Knight. The evil speculator – one nefarious trade at a time. Reigning The Nifty Through Technical Analysis.

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas – Dallas Beige Book – Dallas Fed

Overall demand for construction-related products held steady since the last report, and respondents' outlooks have become slightly more guarded. Producers of stone, clay, and glass reported improved demand and higher capacity utilization rates compared to earlier in the year. globe drive car tips grilling ford over the ecoboost gap article626248

F-150 owner wants to install aftermarket protection for the inter-cooler but worries about voiding the warranty. – Industry Products – U.S. Federal Reserve Beige Book – Dallas District (Text) – Bloomberg

Staffing firms reported additional hiring in response to high levels of demand, but there were no reports of pressures on wages or salaries. Producers of stone, clay, glass and lumber reported steady to slightly increased demand, with particular strength in residential activity.

Moss Rock Festival – 2012 Eco District Exhibitors

Alabama Partners for Clean Air Site 411 Alabama Partners for Clean Air (APCA) is an affiliation of public, private and nonprofit organizations working to implement voluntary strategies that improve air quality in Jefferson and Shelby counties APCA's goals are to achieve and maintain compliance with national air quality…

Too Many Requests – r/netsec's Q2 2012 Information Security Hiring Thread – netsec

Overworked Crushed Souls. Cisco has a diverse spectrum of skills and experience levels doing work that is vital to the security of Cisco products.

The Frugal Duchess – 10/01/2006 – 11/01/2006

At a Shaw's in Ashland recently, Lipkin said she snared products worth more than $1,200. She stockpiles products. Banned and Called a Shoplifter The stores have retaliated by 1) calling Lipkin a shoplifter and 2) accusing her of switching labels on products.

NERC Open Research Archive – Report – Items where Programme is BGS Programmes 2010 – Minerals and waste – NERC Open Research Archive

Lott, Graham 2010 Building stone databases in the UK: a practical resource for conservation. 2012 European mineral statistics 2006-10: a product of the World Mineral Statistics database. 2011 European mineral statistics 2005-09: a product of the World Mineral Statistics database.

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) – federal register the federal register 1998 annual3.txt

Reform, 52426 Correction, 71722 Alternative dispute resolution (1996), 58594 Audits of States, local governments, and non-profit organizations (OMB Circular A-133), 9054 Caribbean Basin country end products, 9059 Certificates of competency, 9053 Civil defense costs, 58599 Contract administration and audit cognizance ch…

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