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FROM the windows of her office in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti, a small town deep in the countryside at the eastern end of the Lombardy plain, Emma Marcegaglia looks out across an expanse of factory-roof large enough to cover sixty football pitches.

US Environmental Protection Agency – 2008/2009 P3 Teams – Extramural Research – US EPA – P3 – Research

Solar Collector and Storage Kit Made with Tire Inner Tubes Minnesota State University Mankato are designing, building, and testing a solar-hot-water system that is made with tire inner tubes and/or other readily available materials for developing nations.

Kyanite Mineral, Aluminum Silicate, Blue Kyanite, Kyanite Uses, Kyanite Properties

Wherever the temperature is unusually high, as in furnace roof, and where slagging is severe, as in pouring areas and tap holes, mullite bricks can be used with great advantage in place of the usual fireclay bricks, which have a lower initial cost but must be replaced more frequently.

Low-cost filter – using nanotechnology to kill bacteria – Water quality – WASH Technology

Roof-harvested rainwater for potable purposes: application of solar collector disinfection (SOCO-DIS). Kenyan project uses solar cookers to provide safe water. The genetically modified bacteria are freeze-dried and stored in test tubes until they are needed.

Russian battleship Imperator Aleksander III – Wikipedia

Four 17.7-inch (450 mm) submerged torpedo tubes were mounted, two tubes on each broadside abaft the forward magazine.

Timbuktu Chronicles – August 2006

Founded by Mohammed Gajimi The Dangana Group " specializes in the Manufacture of polyethylene bag, roofing sheet, Galvanized Roofing Nails, Binding Wire, Woven Sack and Green tea,Flashlights, Hot & Cold rolled metal sheet, Reinforcement bar, Equal angle iron, and plastic products ".

Alternative energy advice from Ask Jeff Yago. Volume #4

If you go to back issues of Popular Mechanics Magazines for late 50's and early 60's, you can actually find several articles on these "earth tubes" buried in the back yard that cooled the air as it was drawn into the house from the hot and humid outside air entering the other end of the tubes.

New York Best Of Awards

Gnomes, trolls, and brownies that live underground and have dug a network of elaborate sound-enhancing tubes and tunnels. And as if the warm bodies weren't enough, modsploitation flicks project more campy cuteness from a tube mounted by… More. None of the above, but I'd hate to squelch… More.

Russian battleship Imperator Aleksandr III – Wikipedia

Four 17.7-inch (450 mm) submerged torpedo tubes were mounted, two tubes on each broadside abaft the forward magazine.

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