World Bank – Kenya – South Sudan Road Link to Cost $1.3 Billion –

Nairobi — A 960km stretch of road connecting South Sudan and neighbouring Kenya to help boost economic ties between the two countries is expected to cost an estimated $1.3 billion, World Bank officials say.

Huffington Post – Julia Kurnia – Meet the Woman Who Turned Nairobi's Construction Industry on its Head

Later she progressed to hiring the unemployed men of her neighborhood to crush rocks into gravel, which she sold to her contacts in the construction sites. Their loans don't need to be managed by expensive bureaucracies at a cost of 30 percent or more in interest and fees.

All global stories 24 January 2013 – The Guardian

All stories for global. Turn autoplay off. Turn autoplay on. 12.00am, 25 January Crosswords. Quick crossword No 13,327.

Fodors – Kenya trip report – 2nd segment, Nairobi and Samburu – Africa & the Middle East Forum …

Day 2 – flew to Samburu 7:30am flight took off at 8:40am for a 45 minutes flight – 2-engine prop 80% full flight – landed at incredible airport in middle of nowhere with gravel runway Guide met us with a mini van – George – did a game drive on the way to camp We have Intrepid Camp Tent 23 and 24, long walk to dining ro…

SIDAREC Technology and Media Lab – Worldchanging

In Summer 2011 Building Innovations Group (BIG) with funding from Innovations Housing, Inc, Architecture for Humanity and USA for Africa completed work on the Slums Information Development and Resource Centres (SIDAREC) Technology and Media Lab in the Mukuru Kwa Njenga slum in Nairobi, Kenya BIG is a social enterprise …

Fox News – Another Opposition Lawmaker Killed in Kenya Violence – Fox News

The Cost of Freedom. In Nairobi, negotiators from the two camps began the first day of talks mediated by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Blog of World Flooring & More, Co., Chicago, IL

Union (and big cooperation) costs, fees and demands. We can give you a FREE ESTIMATE of the cost of the complete labor, the materials (you also have the option to purchase the materials separately), and of the time it will take to install your flooring.

Recent Updates – Architecture for Humanity

Despite early rains, construction is moving along swiftly for the SIDAREC-Mukuru Kwa Njenga Center in Nairobi, Kenya. Corail Cesselesse, opened two weeks ago, rests on a wide gravel flat 1.5 hours north of Port-au-Prince. Services are scarce and the cost of commuting to Port-au-Prince is sizable.

Saint Joseph's University Contributes to Safe Water Efforts – Environmental Protection

Through a gift made to the Institute by the Chair of its External Advisory Board, John J Rangel, the GAA has developed a sustainable business model and is in the process of working with communities in Nairobi, Kenya, to construct and sell the filters – at a cost of 1,300 Kenyan shillings, or $12 – to families and indiv…

RealAdventures – Background Notes – Sudan, Sudan Official Info – RealAdventures

On April 5, 1993, the three dissident rebel factions announced a coalition of their groups called SPLA united at a press conference in Nairobi, Kenya. The inadequate transportation system and the high cost of hauling agricultural products over great distances are major hindrances to economic development.

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