Gecamines Sale of Congo Copper Assets May Undermine Share Offer – Bloomberg

The transactions were revealed without a sales price in a prospectus issued by Glencore International Plc, which operates the mines, before Glencore's initial public offering in May. Gecamines, based in Lubumbashi, is among state-owned assets being prepared for sale to private investors.

Congo News – Topix

Why Is USA Silent over the New War in Congo. At least 13 dead after floods in Congo. The peace talks between the DR Congo government and the M23 rebels began acrimoniously on Sunday, with the government side accusing the rebels of using the media's presence to accuse the Kinshasa government.

Congo-Brazzaville – Republic of the Congo – Nations Online Project

Radio Okapi Kinshasa based radio sttion with recent Congo news (in French). Bushmeat Crisis Task Force BCTF is dedicated to the conservation of wildlife populations threatened by commercial hunting of wildlife for sale as meat. – From war to wealth in Africa – Congo must help itself –

Later, in a boat puttering slowly down the Nsele River, we encountered a flotilla of dugouts lashed together transporting giant bags of charcoal in a two-day journey from neighboring Kongo Central Province for sale in the capital.

Congo Special Weapons

Congo (Kinshasa) is richly endowed with such mineral resources as coal, cobalt, columbium (niobium)-tantalum (locally referred to as "coltan"), copper, diamond, germanium, gold, manganese, petroleum, tin, uranium, and zinc.

Congo army fights back – rebels continue to hold Goma

The rebellion has triggered anti-government protests in Kinshasa and other parts of the country. Cargo plane crashes in Congo, at least 3 dead. Rock 'n' Roll history goes on sale. On Thursday opposition figures seized on it to criticize Kabila's rule.

America Magazine – Congo's Lament

He is the director of Cepas (Centre D'études pour l'Action Social), a research and social action center in Kinshasa, the country's capital. "Congo is especially rich in copper, gold, cobalt and coltan," he said. The soil is very fertile, and people can raise their own produce for food and for sale.

Democratic Republic of the Congo election fight may not get international support – National Post – News

KINSHASA — On the streets of the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital Kinshasa earlier this week, a car carrying a Westerner was stoned by angry locals convinced the outside world helped rig the outcome of the central African giant's presidential election.

Congo – Only just staying in one piece – The Economist

Jul 26th 2007 goma and kinshasa from the print edition. IF EVER there were an urgent case for change in Congo after years of neglect and war, it is Kinshasa's general hospital.

Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources – Democratic Republic of Congo DRC on the Internet, RDC Rpublique Dmocratique Du Congo

Mining company operating in Congo-Kinshasa, Angola, Zambia and Madagascar. Published by Université de Kinshasa, Faculté de Médecine, Kinshasa, R.D. Based in Elkhart, Indiana. Discussion, in French, on Congo-Kinshasa and related issues, based at City University of New York. American School of Kinshasa.

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