The plates must look like they are on a moving conveyor belt – so one plate comes in, then the next, then the next. Last shot is sauce that comes out – but no plate so sauce is on floor looks like it's wrong then last shot is animated pig in suit (see bottle) that slides on sauce saying 'weeeeeeeeeeeeeee'.

Glory and Aquarius – NASA's Two New Climate Sentinels – Workshop for Science Writers – NASA

Aquarius ocean conveyor belt animation. This animation shows the Glory satellite and its instruments, the Earth-pointing Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor (APS) and the sun-pointing Total Irradiance Monitor (TIM).

News from the Conservatory of Flowers – October Issue – WICKED PLANTS haunts San Francisco's Conservatory

Tyler is the Willy Wonka of Powerpoint, using a well-designed slideshow to introduce us to the TCHO chocolate farms and producers around the world. The presentation isn't complete until the audience gets to watch the infamous scene when Lucy and Ethel head to work on the chocolate conveyor belt.

Christmas early years – Resources – TES

A PowerPoint that explores how we celebrate Christmas today, with seasonal animations on each slide. An advent calendar with animated images and information about Christmas customs around the world. A festive counting song with animation. Sort the presents by shape, colour or size as they come off the conveyor belt.

Posts tagged with illegal – MetaFilter

Today in Tokyo, legislation passed that will further restrict manga and animation "glorifying or exaggerating illegal sexual acts". They have created a series of animations about various artists (Blind Willie Johnson, Kate Bush, Nick Cave, The Jam etc.

McIntyre at Cambridge

What has this animation to do with communication skills, and with the public understanding of science. Together with empirical mixing-efficiency formulae the theorems bear on the `ocean conveyor belt' idea and why it's misleading for some purposes.

Automotive Design & Production – Animate Your CAD – Automotive Design & Production

In two hours or less, you can create fairly sophisticated animations from your CAD system's solid models so that people who know nothing more than how to use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint on their Windows-based computers can better understand a part or assembly design.

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