Washington Post – No evidence mayoral control led to D.C. schools' better test scores, report says

That conclusion, part of a report issued Friday by the National Research Council, is likely to drive new debate about the testing-centered culture of DC schools and other systems across the country.

IDEAS – Publications at Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs Princeton University Princeton, New Jersey (United …

Jishnu Das & Jeffrey Hammer & Carolina Sánchez-Paramo, 2011". The Impact of Recall Periods on Reported Morbidity and Health Seeking Behavior," Working Papers 1320, Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Research Program in Development Studies.

Media Centre – Morningstar.com.au

So, somebody like Investors Mutual would be a key sustainable value manager we could say, whereas Perennial Value, for example, might be more in that relative value field. So, you've got the relative value guys, I suppose, and then the more sustainable value guys, if you want to put them into two broad buckets.

LSE Research – Items where Subject is H Social Sciences – HQ The family. Marriage. Woman – LSE Research Online

Chant, Sylvia (2006) Re-thinking the "feminization of poverty" in relation to aggregate gender indices. Journal of human development, 7 (2). Chant, Sylvia (1985) Single-parent families: choice or constraint. Pp 635-656 ISSN 0012-155X.

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Amazon's decision to begin testing a $7.99 monthly price for Amazon Prime is at least as interesting for how Amazon is doing the test as it is for the test itself. Amazon Prime Price Test May Be Testing A Lot More Than You Thought.

Wall Street Journal – Should Student Test Scores Be Used to Evaluate Teachers – WSJ.com

Third, although the current state tests focus too heavily on easy-to-measure skills and need to be improved, it's not true that the teachers with larger gains on such tests are simply coaching students for the state tests.

Items from 2003 – Reports/Papers – Opus

Items from 2003. Up a level. Creators Item Type No Grouping. And Samson, M. A Basic Income Grant for South Africa.

Canada and the IMF

Concluding Remarks of 1999 Article IV Consultation–Canada At the conclusion of annual Article IV bilateral discussions with the authorities, and prior to the preparation of the staff's report to the Executive Board, the IMF mission often provides the authorities with a statement of its preliminary findings.

e-Prints Soton – Items where Subject is H Social Sciences – HN Social history and conditions. Social problems. Social …

Hanžek, Matjaž and Gregorcic, Marta (eds. 2001) Human Development Report. And Samarasinghe, Gameela (eds. 2009) After the waves: the impact of the tsunami on women in Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Social Scientist Association, 308pp. In, Development Report 2006. Report to Reaching the Very Poorest Team.

Manhattan Institute – Medical Progress Report 2 – Older Drugs, Shorter Lives – An Examination of the Health Effects …

It reassesses the impact of the National Formulary system, paying particular attention to its impact on VA enrollees' access to new drugs and the relationship such access has to life expectancy and well-being.

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