The Times of India – PMO overruled coal ministry to stick to screening committee – Times Of India

The PMO held a meeting chaired by principal secretary to the Prime Minister, T K A Nair, on July 25, 2005, to discuss "competitive bidding as a selection method for allocation of coal and lignite blocks for captive mining".

The Guardian – The two faces of China's giant coal industry – The Guardian – Environment

At the same time, it hosts the planet's most efficient mine and one of China's biggest carbon capture and storage projects, which buries the gases blamed for global warming. On one side of the Huojitu river is the traditional mining region of Shaanxi province.

The Hindu – Text of PM's statement – News – Resources – Coal issue

Secondly, the cost of production of coal varies significantly from mine to mine even for CIL due to varying geo—mining conditions, method of extraction, surface features, number of settlements, availability of infrastructure etc.

Cong, BJP colluded in coal-gate – India News – Kejriwal

Kejriwal's team is of the opinion that both the Congress and the BJP are involved in the coal mines allotment scam, now known as coal-gate. – Odisha CM reacts to Union coal minister's comment on 'coalgate' – Hindustan Times

Patnaik added that he had been demanding for mineral rent recource tax on the super normal profits made by private iron ore mines.

Iron mines – Wikipedia

These estimates require on-going review to take into account shifting demand for lower grade iron ore and improving mining and recovery techniques (allowing deeper mining below the groundwater table). Iron ore mining methods vary by the type of ore being mined.

The Times – Oil explorer sells Rajasthan stake to focus on North Sea – The Times

One of Britain's last deep coal mines may be closed after its owner said that it had been unable to resolve a range. Shares in the Indonesian mining company backed by Nathaniel Rothschild plunged amid allegations of 'financial. Dossier blows lid on Bumi 'irregularities. Published at September 25 2012.

Beyond the Margins

As coal ministry begins to de-allocate captive blocks now, some of these obscure firms, which together got a number of coal blocks when they had no wherewithal or money to get into the mining affair, are falling under scanner.

Energy in India – The future is black – The Economist

At Gondegaon, a vast opencast mine in the Nagpur field, engineers need more space to dump the earth and rock that is dug up with coal.

India's Independent Weekly News Magazine – Tehelka

More importantly, he told the PM that there was a substantial difference between the price of coal supplied by Coal India Limited and the cost of coal produced through captive mining, and thus, parties with captive blocks were making windfall gains.

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