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In Merthyr, in Wales, the residents have watched as traditional coal mining and manufacturing jobs have left the area—leaving little behind but Europe's largest open cast coal mine and a gigantic landfill. A Former Coal Mining Community Fights for Environmental Justice (Video).

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The term strip mining is most often used in reference to coal mining, although the process may also be used to extract certain metallic ores as well.

Pakistan Coal Mines and Resources

Though coal mining is undertaken at all the four provinces, Pakistan has not been able to exploit the real benefit of huge reserves of the commodity. Main reasons being different mining methods, level of application of technology and variations in working depths of mines.

Coal mine/bed methane recovery – ClimateTechWiki

Coal mine methane (CMM), which refers to the process whereby methane is released during coal mining activities, and. Coal bed methane (CBM), which refers to the process whereby methane is recovered from deep unmined coal seams rather than in conjunction with mining activities.

Docstoc – Lloyd PJ_ 2002. Coal mining and the environment – COAL MINING AND

The primaryimpacts arise from mining, particularly underground mining, largely because South Africancoal mines are relatively shallow.

Basics of an open pit mine

In a open pit coal mine, the pit bottom would be the bottom mined coal seam elevation, since it is usually feasible to extract multiple seams when surface mining coal.

Daily Kos – Anti-Capitalist Meet-up – The Canary in the Coal Mine of the Cooperative Movement

One of the ways that capitalists exploit workers is to make workers compete with each other for lower and lower wages –getting them to produce more for less –whatever they save in this process goes, of course, into the capitalists pockets as profits and capital for future investments.

Coal gasification – Wikipedia

If the coal is heated by external heat sources the process is called "allothermal", while "autothermal" process assumes heating of the coal via exothermal chemical reactions occurring inside the gasifier itself.

EcoWorld – China's Coal – Environmental News, Articles & Information – Global Warming News – EcoWorld

The small mines are a major source of the sector's problems including lack of safety (some two-thirds of the reported 6,000 coal mining fatalities per year occur in small coal mines), environmental damage (small mines are the least equipped to address the environmental impacts of coal – only a small fraction of small m…

NewScientist – Exploitation of the Arctic must be reined in – 04 October 2012 – New Scientist – opinion

This places the northerly archipelago under Norwegian management, but allows economic activity by other nations – including, staggeringly, coal mining just a few hundred kilometres from the North Pole.

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